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    Tanking in Sports

    I remember hearing about this on ESPN radio a while back, and thought it'd be an interesting subject to talk about. First off, what is tanking? Read the box, then continue. This doesn't just apply in one sport - it applies to many sports. American football, basketball, tennis, etc. Albeit...
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    Sports moments/accomplishments you'd like to witness in the future.

    It can be about any national sport, so it's basically "anything goes". Anyway, in the NFL, after reminiscing the Seattle Seahawks dethroning the then-defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints despite the Seahawks being a sub-.500 team, it made me wonder if something like winning a Super...
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    Laser Tag

    Pretty sure it's the right place, I think, but anyway, one day, I reminisced the days of laser tagging a little more than a decade ago. Until recently, there weren't any in my area (well, there is, but 30 miles apart...don't want to drive 30 miles just for that). Now that one of the laser tag...
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    Magic School Bus = Captain Planet?

    Not sure if anyone noticed this, but first off, if you never watched cartoons from the early 90s, chances are that you may not know what I'm talking about. Second, this could be nostalgic to some of us. Anyway, thought I'd show this image: May be an old image, but this literally caught...
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    White Rice or Brown Rice?

    Pretty self-explanatory. I prefer brown rice. According to some research, brown rice has more protein, while white rice does not. Not only that, more fiber and other vitamin content. But then again, that's just my perspective. I'm pretty sure everyone else has their preferences...
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    Melee or Ranged?

    Haven't posted a poll in a long time, so thought I'd post one here. Anyway, pretty self-explanatory, so what's your preference? In case anyone needs clarification: Melee - Swords, fists, anything with martial arts. Ranged - Guns, and pretty much any offensive weaponry that doesn't require...
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    Eyeglasses/Contact Lens and You

    First off, it's mainly a thread about discussing eyeglasses and contact lens. Anyway, to start things off, there's many of us who stick with eyeglasses, and many of us who stick with contact lens. For vision, I once wore eyeglasses. From the days when I was a child until last Friday. Then...
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    Stairs or Elevator?

    Some random poll, I guess. Do you prefer to take the stairs or the elevator? (assuming you're walking by yourself and not carrying anything at all) Me? The stairs. Why? The exercise.
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    Should schools implement the 4-day school week method?

    (Well, I'll admit, I'm not a great debater, but I guess I could try, but anyway) Read this article, then post. Now, if you're in Europe, I don't know what type of school system you go by, but feel free to tell us what it's like - hell, we just might learn something. Here where I live...
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    Community Service

    You know, students perform community service not because they're bad, but either for college credits, look good on their resumes, etc. Anyway, have you partaken in a community service of some sort? For example, providing services for church mass, work in a homeless shelter without pay, and...
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    April Fools 2010 Thread.

    Well, people...April Fools is closing in...so ITT, we discuss our plans, talk about it, etc etc etc. If you have some creativity or whatnot, feel free to share. As of now, I have nothing in mind, but I'm having thoughts of Rickrolling anyone I encounter at my campus...but I don't know...
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    How long does it take for you to fully recognize someone's face?

    Pretty self-explanatory. I mean, come to think of it, there's someone I know who told me it takes him at least a week to fully recognize someone's face the first time, while another person can fully recognize someone's face within a day. But then again, it just depends on each and every...
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    Do you believe in astrology?

    Ok, I'll admit - I'm not astrology-savvy, so I hardly have any knowledge to this. Anyway, are you one of the people who believes in astrology? You know, what's gonna happen on a certain day, whether you will emerge as a successful being or not, etc etc etc. The reason why I'm posting...
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    Your best gaming accomplishment(s) of 2009.

    Alas, 2009 is nearing at an end, so let's recap all of our accomplishments of 2009. In this thread, we post our best accomplishments, but let's leave the minor accomplishments behind. As for me, I only have one big accomplishment this entire year (yes, I know). Two days before...
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    Black Friday Thread, I guess.

    Well, Thanksgiving is approaching tomorrow, and not only that, on the day after Thanksgiving, the infamous Black Friday, where eccentric, hardcore campers camp out in various stores to fulfill their objective of snagging the things they desire to obtain. Since I posted this on pre-Black...
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    What did you learn today?

    Pretty self-explanatory. It could be anything from school-related or news-related or whatever you learned. We got the 'What are you listening to' thread, and now there's this. As for me, I just learned the art of binaries (you know, the 1001010101011 part). Now I can convert Base 10's to...
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    Action 52 - a thread of abomination.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/30/Action_52_%28NES%29_box_art.jpg/260px-Action_52_%28NES%29_box_art.jpg Action 52. Undoubtedly one of the worst games in the entire video game history. More info here. Better yet, before you read through this post, I highly recommend...
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    Carpet or Hardwood?

    In case anyone is clueless about this thread, this thread focuses on house floors. Some houses have carpets, and some houses are pure hardwood. After my visit from my cousin's house, what I noticed different is that the house wasn't what I thought it was from the past. It was all (mostly)...
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    The 00's decade.

    Normally, this should be in the questions thread, but this can turn out to be a pretty good and thoughtful discussion. As everyone may already know, 2010, otherwise known as the 10's decade, is closing in slowly. Now it has come down to this very question - if we were to talk about this decade...
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    Game Show Idiocy - where failure is an option.

    A thread about game shows on TV (if you're thinking video games, look elsewhere), and I thought this would be a great discussion...and as many people would say, they 'watch this for the lulz'. I've watched game shows ever since I was a wee little kid, but in rare occasions, never have I seen...