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    Concerning Oshawott's Ability.

    As we've seen in many episodes, including Episode 31 (or 34 as the case may be), Oshawott frequently uses its Scalchop to deflect attacks. Abilities are frequently showcased on the starters, and I expect Oshawott to be no different. However, is it a possibility that Oshawott has Shell Armor...
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    LM001 Wireless Wifi USB Help

    It's this: http://www.lm-technologies.com/home/product_support/3806 If anyone has used it on their Vista laptop, can anyone tell me how they did it? The blasted thing won't work for me. >_< Thanks.
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    Toge, Toge, Toge, 2000! (We has Fusions, Scratches, Chao, and anything else! :3)

    Some stuff….: Hallo there! :3 This is my sprite shop, where I will fulfil your every need… almost! Why did I make the thread? Simple, I get bored real easily with sprites. Can you provide me with the challenge? Let’s see, on to my rules! DAH RULES. FOLLOW DEM: 1) General Serebii rules...
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    Toge's Sprites On The Heights!

    I've been spriting for a while, so I may as well open my sprite thread. C+C and rates are appreciated. =] :Fusions: Buizel + Ninetales Sunkern + Crobat Staravia + Pidgeotto + Doduo with Shiny Lombre's colours. :Scratches: I have only just began 100% scratching, so I'm not...
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    Pokemon Rumble Discussion Thread

    Thought I'd make one of these, seing as the game is out in most countries now. I myself have just got Pokemon Rumble, reaching 1/3 of Rank B. Discuss the game and your progress here! I also made some questions, so I was wondering if you guys could answer: Which Pokemon are you...
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    Is Pokemon Rumble worth £14?

    Is Pokemon Rumble worth £14? I might download the full version of Pokemon Rumble. Opinions? Who here has the full version, and is it good?
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    Shiny Shinx - Competetive Play....

    OK, I recently caught 11 Shiny Shinx. I was planning to use one for competetive purposes. I have singled out 4 I wish to use. Can you help me pick one? I will list Nature, Ball Captured, IV's, Ability, and the reason I want to use it. Shinx #1: Shiny Shinx Gentle Nature Ultra Ball...