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    what was the only simple machine man didn't borrow from nature?

    the title says the topic, I'm looking to see how many SPPFers know this, here's the topic expounded on: what is the only simple machine did mankind NOT borrow from nature/is NOT found in nature? for those of you that don't know the simple machines, they are: The Wheel and axle The...
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    what OS(es) are you using on your PC?

    simple, post what OS(es) you currently use. *hopes for some Linux users* I'll start: Ubuntu 10.10 (upgrading to 11.04 alpha) let's keep this going until it's closed. I know some people change OSes fairly often.
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    i guess this is goodbye for now, SPPFers, though most of you robably don't know me, and i don't know most of you, this was a very cool place to be, but i have too much on my plate right now, and i haven't been on enough to make a difference here lately, as i've taken up a mod position elsewhere...
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    Mkay, i have a question...

    ...and heres the facts: i have no id ea where i would post that i need Deck Ideas for my Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2008 games, it doesn't seem that it would fit quite right in the ALT. Card Rate My Deck section, and the Alt. Card discussion seems like more of a fit as does the Nintendo...
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    I have a problem with a SD Memory card...

    and here's what i posted on Gfaqs: "I have a problem with a SD card,... and it won't show up at all on a computer, and it shows up as a "Unusable device" on my Wii, it's a Kodak 2GB SD Memory Card, i was hoping there was a way to fix it without having to get a new one, any help would be...
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    Call of Duty World at War Wi-fi Thread (DS)

    Mkay, since we already have a Wii thread, and my previous thread got closed cause of that, i decided to make a DS Call of Duty World at War thread, thanks to RedStarWarrior for the clarification on this subject, now i bring you the Call of Duty World at War Wi-fi Thread (DS)!!! You may talk...
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    Call of Duty World at War Clans/other Wi-fi Thread (Wii/DS)

    *hopes this isn't the wrong place* Yo, i is here with a Wii/DS COD WAW Clns/any other wi-fi function thread, i got the game just yesterdy for my DS, since i couldn't get it for my Wii, and i intend to make a clan on it, other clans can be posted too, i'm not too picky about how you put your...
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    A pokemon story as told by 7 legendary pokemon, Rated G, possibly PG-13

    k, here's my first fanfic/story i'm following through with, EVAR!!!! hope you like it, Please rate it!!! i'm post 2 chapter now, as the first is a prelude, here goes.... 1. Prelude In the beginning, there was only swirling chaos, and from the middle of the chaos, there came an egg, and...
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    My First PBR Wi-fi Battle EVAR!

    K, Rules: Lv 50 all, Double, Anything Goes. That should just about do it! oh, and UBERS CAN AND WILL BE USED! Use the following fc: 2020-3277-3555, Tidus
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    My Pokemon Ranch Vsitor Thread.

    K, this thread is for those of you who want to visit other peoples Pokemon Ranches, Use the following form to post your ranch: Name-Ranch Name, Main Mii Name- Mii's Name, Wii Number- Use this Format, 0000-0000-0000-0000 And that should pretty much do it! My info is: Name-Smith...
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    I know i sound like a complete NOOB, but...

    I am on a Wii! anyway, how do you get a Email address on your Wii? i just got it yesterday, and can't seem to get one! any help would be appreciated.
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    Who has the Same Birthday As George Washington? (February 22)

    Title should be enough to say what the topic is, Discuss.
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    Harvest Moon DS Island of Happiness Friend Code List and Friend code Wifi Thread,

    Well, since there was no thread for Harvest Moon DS Island of happiness Friend Codes, I thought i'd make one, Now this list is MOSTLY for FC (Friend Code, they will be called that from here on out.) exchanging, but this is ALSO a place for FC related Online play, so feel free to post that here...
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    My PMD2 Cara, Enjoy!!

    Hope this is the right place. Voice: welcome to the world of pokemon, what would you like to be as a pokemon? Choices: A. pikachu, b. torterra, c. Groudon, d. Arceus?!? And what would you like your partner to be? a. Chimchar, b. Piplup, c. Kyogre, d. A bowl of yogurt?!? post...
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    Rate my UBER team!

    The only thing i don't know about these as i'm posting this at school, and can't remember them at the moment, are the natures, so when i get home, i shall edit this post and put them in. 1. Darkrai, @ draco plate Nature: coming soon, see the top of the post. EV's: 255 SP atk, 255 Speed Moves...
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    The Yu-gi-Oh WC 2008 Dueling Club

    Can't seem to find a club Exclusively for Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2008 club? let alone Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2008 Duels? well, this club was created cause i got those results searching for that very thing, so without further ado, let me introduce the Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2008 Dueling Club!!! We will hold tournament when we...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2008 Duel Please!

    Hey, all i'd like a duel, PM me offers, as i won't be checking here much, it's a free duel, ad i'd like beginners like me, Please, but Experienced is fine, but i'd prefer the earlier one, cause i'm a beginner, FC: 1805-2833-5883, Seto Kaiba
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    My fist form team

    thi is a team i was going to use in a special clause tourney, the special clause was first form pokemon only, standard rules, no hax items, item clause, species clase, Heres the team: Ralts @ mind plate Psychic magical leaf hypnosis dream eater Torchic @ Charcoal Fire blast Flame...