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    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    In regards to everyone discussing how it could be harder, I'd just like to see AI battles have more strategy. Or at least common sense. If my Pokemon is at 1 hp... Don't... Use... Screech... And if you are electric type and I have a full Hp bird Pokemon out, thunderbolt might be a little better...
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    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Hopes and Wish lists

    Agreed. I appreciate the sentiment of keeping a pokemons name, but some names are plain awful. OR in another language >_< I'd even settle for some "amnesiac" or "hypnotist" NPC at the post-game who could break all ties with a pokemons former trainer (nickname, former trainer, ect)
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    My personal desire is for a burrowing owl pokemon. Ground-flying isnt a common typing, and I think a burrowing owl pokemon would be so neat. But hey Im just excited for a woodpecker pokemon. I also heard the idea for a fire-grass type, like a burning tree. Yes please! I really dig this...
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    Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

    I like this concept but I don't know if they'd do this. I feel like they wouldn't send a message like that to kids. Idk, I'm a pre service teacher and we have to be super sensitive to subliminal messages, so maybe my feeling is biased, but I don't think a game targeted to kids would villianize a...
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    The Kanto Classic

    Genius strategy!! I'm going to have to use that. Yeah I'm new to competitive and the smogon team tips I used didn't have any counters to it because it's banned. Oh well now I got a dose of reality Anyway, anyone know when tallying ends?
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    Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

    In this new game would you think it more plausible for the police force to be an aid to you (like double battling with them for example), a weak presence that you clean up after/have to deal with, or for the purpose of advancing/strengthening the plot with no real presence in gameplay? Because I...
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    what type is it?

    Dragon The Spanish Inquisition (which nobody expected) (and if I have to say, Monty Python)
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    The Kanto Classic

    So I'm currently 10-10, havent played today yet. I am getting wreeeeecked by minimize clefable. I didnt even think about it and therefore neglected to bring taunt. but I am winning half my games, which is good in my eyes. especially for non EV/IV trained pokemon I threw together as an excuse to...
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    Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

    I have not laughed that hard at a Donald Trump joke. His story: get the rock legendary to build a wall between this region and northern kalos I guess the legendary is gonna be 'uge. not a lightweight loser like those last games.
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    Team Skull, Aether Foundation and Plot Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

    I think Im tired of the whole "evil team" as the main antagonist and build to the box legendary. I have a couple wishes that I doubt will happen, but I can dream 1) 2 or more evil teams in a "gang war" type of scenario, kind of like emerald, but not "theme" based. I think a "turf war" story...
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

    Grinded my Kanto Classic team on rematch trainers to get them to level 50. I gave my lead (jolteon at the time) an amulet coin so I could refill my empty wallet. Finished my kanto classic team like an hour before it started, so I tried it out on battle spot. It was a lot better than I expected...
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    Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

    Litleo!! Litleo is sooo cute and I've been waiting for a lion Pokemon. Even better, it's fire type, which is my favorite.
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    What is love?

    Besides from the cliche statements: "chemicals" and "deep affection" I think love is actually something complex. I heard it said "love is not a feeling in your chest, it's bending down to wash someone's feet." I don't know who originally said that. But I like it. It's contradicting the idea...
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    What is your favourite ORAS Mega Evolution?

    Mega glalie because it looks really cool and brought glalie up some tiers Mega rayquaza looks amaaaaaazing and it redifines "legendary" in my opinion. It doesn't need an item to mega evolve (so you can still equip it to fight), it just needs dragon ascent which is ridiculously powerful. So he's...
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    Features missing in ORAS?

    Huh, I didnt even know about the law. This rule applies to fake video game currency? I was reading the wiki and it just seemed really vague. Or is it more... not influencing children to gamble? and where is it closed in ORAS? I'd like to see that =]
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    Features missing in ORAS?

    Right? I was awful at the slots too but that's what kept me going! I had to win big! But it was easy money and I found that money is much harder to accrue since game corner is gone :/
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    Features missing in ORAS?

    I was bummed the casino in mauville city didnt make a return appearance in this game. It was such an easy money maker, and a good time waster too.
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    What is your favorite legendary of XY?

    xerneas. For one thing, its a fairy type. Also, its just majestic, which hasnt been the norm for legendaries lately. Most legendaries have been tough or adorable, but xerneas is simply majestic
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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    Looking for a ditto with flawless IVs (or above average). Nature doesnt matter. The best I have to trade is a mew, or if you'd like something specific I can see what I can do. Edit: trade complete
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    Back from the dead

    Thank you =]