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    People who think Pokemon is demonic

    Everyone once in a while you find people who think Pokemon is evil. They may think it's demonic or that it promotes slavery and animal cruelty. So... What do you do when you meet these people?
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    Expierimental Team Analysis

    Hello everyone, I was working on a new team and I just wanted to see what everyone thought of it. Name: Ninjask ;291; Item: Leftovers Nature: Jolly EVs: 252 Speed/ 252 HP/ 6 Attack Moves: Baton Pass Swords Dance Substitute X-Scissor Standard Ninjask passer. X-scissor was put in so...
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    Ghosts in the Pokemon Series

    As you guys may have noticed, there are a lot of ghosts in the main Pokemon games. We have the girl ghost in the Old Chateau, the ghost girl on the Marvelous bridge, and Cubone's mother. These ghosts often do nothing important. The only one of any real importance was Cubone's mother whom you...
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    If Pikachu wasn't the mascot... Who would it be? I think it would be Charizard.
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    Odd Pokemon Natures

    Have you ever noticed that some Pokemon can have natures that contradict their own biology? For Example: Quiet Exploud Lonely Dugtrio Timid Gyarados What other ones can you think of?
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    If you had to live in a region...

    Which one would it be? For me it would be Hoenn. It's environment is just so beautiful!
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    Hello everyone!

    Name's Swampasaur, but please call me Swamp. I've been a big fan of serebii for a long time and I am excited to talk with you all. Hope to have fun with you guys. :D