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    I'm Back~!!

    For the second time, I have have returned to Serebii~! XD And I has new pictures to share with you guys~! I've become obsessed with Lopunny during my absence XD This one I did as a commission for someone~ Here's a crappy Giratina Gijinka~ Reshiram~! I love this thing~ X3...
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    Adobe Illustrator Help

    Okie, so! I need to use the live trace tool on a picture in an Adobe Illustrator project. The picture has a transparent background, and every time I use the Live Trace tool, the transparent-ness is replaced with white! I can't have this since it blocks out the rest of the page. PLEASE is there...
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    Photoshop Error Message

    Alright, so I'm trying to crop an image in photoshop, but it keeps gicing me the message "Could not complete your request because the scratch disks are full." What on earth does that mean?! It only does this when I specify the height and width, other wise it crops fine. It's weird, it was...
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    Okay so, I kinda just figured out how to re-color/fuse sprites, like, last week, so I went ahead and did these~ Yeah the fusions are really simple and not that good, I haven't even TOUCHED pixel art up until now XD Also, I only have paint to work with.. unless I can use photoshop for...
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    Transparency in Photoshop?

    I have no idea how to do it D8 Can someone help? I have Photoshop CS3.
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    Rika's Hand-Drawn Pokeshop~!

    Welcome to Rika's wonderful request shop of sparkly wonderment~! Current requests: 1. Dragonphantom CLOSED~! PLEASE Do NOT request if you see the list is full. I will ignore you. All forum rules apply, so be polite~! I don't use forms, but if you want something specific...
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    Rika's Random Junk

    Behold my attempts at art~! XD Yeah, I don't know if anyone remembers, but I did a bunch of Pokemon blob thingies a while back, then kinda just disappeared XD BUT I am back, and will be updating, um, when I remember.... The stuff may not be brand new, but it's all recent~ Any way, here's a...
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    NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

    Just discussion and stuff, ask questions... Also, I have a question that I was wondering if any of the wise people on this site may know the answers to. I was told that to keep the Nightopians in your My Dream alive, you need to feed them Blue chips. Is this true? If it is, then I feel like...
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    Pichu blob

    http://fc66.deviantart.com/fs34/f/2008/292/e/d/Pichu_blob_by_Rika_of_Thunder.jpg drew it in like, 15 minutes XD EDIT: Ok, I'm putting all the pictures up here so you won't have to read through everything to see them~