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    Where did the baton go?

    Decided to make a Baton Passing team, and it's having success (Winning mainly, forcing a few Rage quits, and losing only 2). Still modifying it, but ran out of ideas, so I will show off my thoughts for it. To start, I am a member of a Clan here on Serebii that requires you to: 1) Use your...
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    Air support

    Okay, I am in the process of making this team, but have come to a stump. I need some help building it. Now, some background on the team before I get to the main show. This team is only partial, because as I said, I don't know who to use. I don't use weather much, and this is a weather based...
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    Competitive team

    Swampert @ Focus Sash Ability: Torrent EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Hp Nature: Adamant (+Att, - Sp Att) - Stealth Rock - Waterfall - Ice Punch - Earthquake This is my lead, used mainly for setting up Stealth Rock, then bashing opponents. The EVs might need redo, so suggestions on...
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    Rate my team, please

    • Swampert @ Focus Sash • Torrent • Adamant • 255 Attack, 255 Spd. (Note: I will be rebreeding this Pokemon for a 31 Attack IV, so EV's can change) - Stealth Rock - Ice Punch - Waterfall - Earthquake • Zapdos @ Rocky Helmet • Pressure • Modest • Not Sure, just know I got a lot in...