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    Squilickys First Scratch Sprite!

    Heyy everyone its me again. I have suddenely gotten interested in scratch spriting so i took it upon myself to try one out here is the result. Its called Porygon+. I know it is probably gonna get some bad crit but i thought i would see what you guys thought i should do to improve...
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    Does anyone on serebii play on oblivion or is it just me its a game for the x-box 360 its amazing im just wondering if anyone else plays it
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    My platinum team

    Hello everyone please rate my team: 1.Rhyperior/Brave -Earthquake -Sandstorm -Rock throw -Rock slide 2.Magmorter/Rash -Flame thrower -Flamewheel -Flame blitz -Lava Plume 3.Electivire/Nieve -Charge -Thunder -Thunder wave -Shock wave 4.Togekiss/Docile -Fly...
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    Why raquaza?

    Hello Just wondering if anyone can tell where does rayquaza come in with Groudon And Kyogre? I just want to know what he is involved with them for and what his story is. ~squilicky~
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    Squlicky's Sprites

    Hello everybody, Its me again but now I have some new material check it out. I am Quite the average spriter so flaws are expected. I need to be a better spriter c+c please (but not to harsh if you dont mind). Please note more will be added once I have made them!!! Fusions. Eggs...
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    Evolotions and prevoulotions

    What pokemon do you think should have an evolotion or a preevolotion explain why
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    If pokemon were real

    If pokemon were real which six would you have and explain why?
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    Wild Squlicky4 Appeared!

    Hello Everyone. Im Squlicky4 and I'm quite new here. I've been looking at this site for a while and decided to join. I hope to make some friends through thsi site aswell. Wild Squlicky4 Fled
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    Squlicky4's Splices

    Hey everyone! Squlicky4here. These are a couple of Splices that i've made quite recently, and I'm new at spriting so you may find flaws. C + C please! (although not too harsh) and if anyone can, can you please WBG them. Thankssssss.