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    Pi clan team

    Jelicent calm leftovers water absorb sp def: max hp: max -trick room -toxic -surf -rain dance Trick room to flip speed, toxic for damage, surf for basic damage and healing for semitoad, and rain dance for water power-up and 100% accuracy thunder. Sesmitoad modest wave incense water absorb sp...
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    Victory Road problem.

    I am no at the elite four with a problem. My Pokemon are over 40 but the highest is 48. The Conditioning is nearly imposable because all the Pokemon give me little to no exp so it has been exasperating trying in vein to level. Does anyone have a solution?
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    D.P.E. introduction (original)

    What is D.P.E.? I's damage per energy and it is simple to calculate. damage/energy+special condition modifier(+-/*) ability modifier. special condition modifier list. poison. 1*# of turns burn. 2* # of turns/2 (50% chance of happening) confusion.3* (# of turns-1) /2 ability modifier...
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    no OHKO 5 gen team either black or white (uses a bunch of tms) bad and good comments

    Hariyama Max attack ev and if possible few speed holding quick claw ( i know about life orb but it doesn't work with the move set) belly drum earthquake rock slide close combat belly drum is the fastest way to get to x4. earthquake and rock slide are choices for major damage. and close...