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    The Lake place.

    You fall asleep and then wake up at the side of a lake as a talking pokemon. how weird!!? Now you decide to build a small town place here. here's a map of the lake: Rules: Rule #;001; Follow the Sppf Rules. Rule #;002; no randomly summoning stuff. Rule #;003; Don't Kick people...
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    Pokemon: Raichu's need.

    Well, Here's a comic Called "Pokemon: Raichu's need." Comic 1 is the prologue of the series. Comic 2 is where the villain Raichu comes in. Comic 3 is where Raichu destroys the lab Comic 4 is where we find our heroes in an argument between Hotdogs and bad things...
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    Pokemon River village.

    Since my first game was a huge failure, I'll give it another shot! ;105; Hello! I am mayor Bonesly! Before I give you the sign-up sheet, I have to tell you the rules and well, jobs! Houses: You do get houses that are dome-like and made of leaves. You will be assigned One house a character...
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    Survival island

    (Your a pokemon) You and your friends randomly fell out of the sky on an island. now you have to survive on it. Rules: 1. No killing people. killing people means kicking people out. 2. use proper language. don't use the list of words your not even aloud to use. 3. no leaving the island...
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    Pokemon Ed Region (Pokemon player edition) (Sign- ups)

    Towns: River Village: Although the river village was built on a very swampy area on wooden catwalks, this place is excellent for trading. This has houses made of leaves. Hint: you should watch your step here. there are holes in the catwalks. Sun town: An excellent place for...
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    Pokemon Ed Region (Pokemon edition) (Sign- ups)

    This is the ed region. It is a very unusual place, where you be a pokemon and do many adventures! However, it isn't always peaceful. In the beginning, there were two arceus. one good and one bad. one day the bad one got jealous with the good one, and destroyed him. The remaining one...
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    Pokemon Ed Region (Pokemon edition) (Sign- ups)

    (This will probably be locked, But ill take the risk anyway.) ;066; Hi! I'm sonic! Welcome to Pokemon Ed Region (Pokemon Player edition)! ;158; I'm eddy. Before we give you the scenario, here are the rules. Sign up sheet: Places: Senario: LET'S GO!!!!
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    Cubone and Marowak

    Cubone wears the skull of it's dead mother. However, Marowak is bigger than Cubone, and if you play a game and happen to get a cubone egg, cubone still has a skull, But it's mother is still alive. What is this mystery?
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    Pokemon Heroes sign-ups

    (I'll probably be in trouble for this, But ill take the risk anyway.) Before I give you the scenario, here are the rules. 1. No teaming up with someone to kick out others. THIS IS SERIOUS. YOU'LL BE KICKED OUT INSTEAD OF THEM IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THIS RULE AND RULE #2. 2. No swearing...
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    The past (Sign ups)

    Ok. You are a Pokemon that lives WAY into the future, where the world is collapsing. You don't like it so you and a bunch of Pokemon transport back in time to the 20th century (This is how it started). You guys make a settlement.... Rules: 1. Main Rules apply. Yes. It's so obvious. 2...
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    The climb

    This is about Sonic helping an old Pokemon climb the tallest mountain in the Ed Region. Characters: Name: Sonic Gender: Male Age: 12 Pokemon: Machop Unusual traits/special powers: A great battle has been raging in the dimensional world. The Dark lord's vs. the good guys. It started the...
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    Survival Island

    The story: 18 Pokemon go on a reality TV show called "Survival Island". No one gets voted off. The island is divided into 2 parts. the 18 Pokemon are divided into groups of 9 and are on a team: Green Team (Left side), and Blue Team (Right side). Whoever finds the HQ wins. Rules (Breaking...
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    The long race

    there are 2 teams. Green team, and Blue team. There's a race that is 1,294 miles. this will involve teamwork, trust, and all members of one team MUST stay together.
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    Hi Peoples!

    The name's GreenHero. My favorite type is fighting. I'll show U one of my teams. My diamond team: Heat (Heating) Lvl. 72 DIA (Dialga) Lvl. 81 Eddy (Infernape) Lvl. 89 My favorite Pokemon is (not obviously) Machop and Toditile. My other favorites are Gastly, Articuno, Murkrow, Chimchar...