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    Speedrunning Thread

    Just a thread to discuss Speedrunning - I'll be updating this main first post. This could be about speedrunning any game whether it's Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Microsoft, Atari, anything about the topic fits into this thread. So, to begin, I speedrun Sonic and Kirby. Check some of these things...
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    Pokemon White, Super Singles Battle Subway Team.

    Well. Please, rate, give Feedback, and assist me in making a better team. I only make it to 11th trainer, and lose to them, at the most. Crobat @Expert belt (Better item?): Hasty Inner Focus (Helps against Fake Outs) 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP U-Turn Arial Ace Cross Poison Taunt Helps...
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    Plants VS Zombies Discussion Thread

    Well, I didn't really see an official discussion thread, so I made one. I'll explain what PvZ is: It's a Tower-Defence-esque game, which involves you planting plants, to attack the Zombies so they don't "Eat your Brains". Plants can vary to Cabbage Catapults, Peashooters, Exploding...
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    Will Dento's Pansage evolve?

    The title marks it all. Will Dento's Pansage (Yanappu) ever evolve it the Anime? Or will it stay, like Dawn's Piplup? In my opinion, I think it will be like Brock's Pokemon. It will probably evolve, like Onix/Geodude/Zubat did. Discuss.
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    Froggy Beatdown. Yu-Gi-Oh Deck.

    I suck at frogs, but this is quite basic. I also need some help. Monsters: Submarine Frog X3 Gemini Lancer X2 Oshaleon X3 T.A.P.O.L.E X3 Nightmare Penguin X2 Flip Flop Frog X3 Koa'Ki Meiru Sea Panther X1 (I'm getting another three shortly.) Star Boy X1 Swap Frog X3 Oyster Meister...
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    The Exp share glitch.

    Have any of you heard of this amazing glitch? Steps: 1.Get a Pokemon. 2.Get the exp share. 3.Give the pokemon the exp share. 4.Enter a battle and let that Pokemon be the ONLY Pokemon that battles during the battle. Now, If a wild machop gives 68 exp points, it will give 34 exp points...
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    scariest pokemon Sprite

    What is the scariest pokemon sprite in RBYG?
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    Funniest Looking Pokemon

    What Pokemon do you find looking the funniest. Me? I like ;213; . It just OWNS. lololololol. to meh.
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    Platinum Scramble Challenge

    Hi, this is the Pokemon Platinum Scramble thread. WARNING! YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTART YOUR PLATINUM GAME, SO BE READY! I chose Cimchar as my starter BTW. I cannot use the following Pokemon. ;401; ;095; ;025; ;396; ;manyula; ;282; ;393; ;392; ;041; ;455; :club:
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    I am PokemonOwn! This is my Second Forum That i am on, and The 1st one was PokestationForums(SuperSkarmoryFTW!) and If you know me on there i am PokemonGod. Well this is a MASSIVE FORUM, so i would love to join. And now I have!
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    Anime Charaters That Look Like People Of The Opposite Gender

    Leo-Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/archive/b/b2/20091106121439!Yu-Gi-Oh5DsEpisode13_PIC191.jpg