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    Carte Online TCG

    Anyone looking for a TCG to try out should go to http://carte.gamescampus.eu/ Carte is a really fun TCG with Creature based gameplay, an "all type" mana pool, 5 Unions representing different fantasy groups (undead, magicians, warriors, elves/forest creatures and holy/angels) daily 3 round...
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    Chat Box Battles???

    Hey all, I'm new to the Pokemon TCG and I'm having issues finding people to battle on days other then fridays (thats when my nearest league meets). I can't get any of the online Tcg deals like apprentice to work, so i was wondering if anyone would Chat Box battle me. If you don't quite...
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    Pikachu's color worth 16,000 $us?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ITS TRUE!! On the U.S. Tv show "Who wants to be a Millionare" A man was on the $16,000 question and the topic was Pokemon. The question(he had 30 seconds to anwser it) Was "As any Pokemon loving kid will tell you, What is the base color of a Pikachu?" the choices were : Blue, yellow, red and...
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    Puns on anime/game names.

    i think that these are funny. But i cant figure out any more. please post anything you come up with. Ash Ketchup Brock obama May-flower compact dusk to Dawn.
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    This is a simple game. When you post you post like this first who did the above crime ie" The man in the trench coat did it" WHY ie. "he said he never went to the restureant and that the police dragged him BACK. he cant go back where he hasnt been " the next crime to solve. this should...
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    Time OR Darkness???

    i was wondering what are the PROS and CONS for each version. it would help me with my desicion for wich to get :) thanks!
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    Ou ftw!

    My newest team. it is all OU the original sets were from smogon but i have played around with them a fair amount. OVERVIEW DUSKINOIR JOLTEON Choice Specs Timid /modest ~ Baton Pass ~ Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass ~ Shadow Ball ~ Thunderbolt 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252...
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    Mixed tiers (used in OU)

    This team is for Ou battle although it is mixed tiers (or was when i last checked) These are the sets i chose from smogon but, i would like to modify them a bit. ALAKAZAM: Special Sweeper Life Orb Synchronize Timid Moveset ~ Psychic ~ Focus Blast ~ Shadow Ball ~ Calm...
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    Hall of Fame (clan)

    The Hall of Fame Our Mascott: Milotic image from www.gamersdag.nl Milotic is one of the few pokemon that are exremly powerful and Awsome looking. These two traits make it worthy of every single trainer that wants to be the best they can be. The Hall of Fame is about being the best you...
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    My awsome team needs reconstruction

    I had a awsome team with eight pokemon in it. I would pick six based on my opponent. One day i was searcheing on the GTS. Now i only have six pokemon left. here they are(all lv 100 no items picked out except for one): TORTERRA Hasty HP 307,ATT228,DEF 223, SPATT159,SPDEF 183 ,Speed 135...