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    Claim a song thread

    *Drumrollll* Claim a song thread [version 5.0] Now with cookies Welcome the claim a song thread Version 5.0, where you can, you know. claim a song. yeah this time we'll be doing a few things a little differently, but not completely. so make sure you read the new rules and stuff...
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    Sprite. blah

    I remembered I used to sprite so yeah heres one i just made because I can. If you don't remember me, heres some of my old stuff. just wondering how bad this forum has become.
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    An eeveelutionary revamp

    Lame attempt at a good title. anywaaaaay, I revamped the gold eeveelutions minus umbreon because it sucked.
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    Seem to be doing alot of avatars lately, sooo.. Decided to open a shop.It ain't exactly high quality, but it's mine. Examples: Rules n crap: If I'm closed then don't request, god gave you brains for a reason. Use proper grammar please. Use the forms. If you want me to use fan art, I want...
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    Avatars and other assorted junk.

    Seem to be making alot of avatars lately so... Supposed to go with the banner in my sig I like this one alot. :3 Different text colour to the one above Purple is awesome... C+C please. I use photoshop 7.
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    First banner try

    The Jolteon is by Aragornbird I just had a little play with my brushes and stuff. Any help to improve would be a appreciated.
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    Some sprites

    1 1/2 hours of work. A trainer edit. The eyes and hair were the hardest. Blah. And the jackets. Still working out if it was worth it. Gligar revamp from gold. Spinrak Ariados Flaafy Lapras C+C please.
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    Revamps by Ruzzy

    Here they are. Please note I want PROPER C+C, not any crap.
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    Ruzzy's shop

    Open Hizors, welcome to my shop. here I will do Rainbows- Rainbows: I can take as many of these as you want. It's a pokemon that changes colour- Status: OPEN Rules-Because I need them 1. If I'm closed I'm CLOSED. Also, if the requests pile up, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. I will ban you for a...
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    The year of 2006 contest

    (mods sticky please) The year of 2006 contest. Permission obtained from BC to start it over.(I think the original was approved by Dragonfree.) This is the newer Year of 2006 contest, where pretty much anything is accepted! I will be judging along with BC, and 1 other person. I’m looking for a...
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    Crystal Ho-oh Revamp

    LOVE IT. Don't just post, it's great either. I want reasons, or crit.
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    Some new revamp of sorts

    For a tutorial I made Silver blissey Also, don't post It's great or anything like that. =)
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    A small problem

    I am having problems with the forum. Every drop down list, and the buttons to put formatting in the post are not working. In addition, the quick options menu doesn't open, the thread tools, the rate a thread menu and the go buttons to change the avatar catergory aren't working. Yes, I have...
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    Something I just found.

    I was browsing the faq for the full avatar list(as you do) And on the last page I happened to come over These I have a question. Why are there Avatars that require a ridicolous amount of posts to get and why are they there. o.0
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    We're going on a surfing safari.

    Woo! A surfing Pikachu TCG Revamp. =3
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    NZ pokefan alliance

    I know you're out there. Are you from New Zealand the land of the long white cloud? Then this is the club for you! Rules- If you joined, you should have enough common sense to know the basic rules of SPPF.;p Members- Ruzzy
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    Need help with AC:WW

    So, I just bough this game yesterday. Cool game. How ever, I need some help. 1- IO can't catch fish. I have a rod, but when ever I pull it up while a fish is tugging it swims away. 2- I can't get art 3- I can't get a spade to dig for fossils. Thanks.
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    Ruzzy's Rainbow shop.

    Yeah. I Can do Rainbow pokemon. A rainbow is a pokemon that rotates through all the colours continuosly. Like this (Edit-******* hates me. The image messed up) Heres link to one http://img391.imageshack.us/my.php?image=artcuno0bl.gif So yeah. Who wants one?( Yes, I can make them sparkly if...
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    A question about spam

    In the emerald BF discussion thread, is stuff like. "I lost again" and "My team is now level--" Spam? It's starting to piss me off and I want to know, cause it seems people are trying to just get thier postcount up by posting it.
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    A fine return to mixing

    I heart it.