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    Do You Hold Grudges?

    Self explanatory title is self explanatory. Me, while I don't hold grudes against anyone since revenge is not a fun game to play(in my eyes). You?
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    Difficulty in Pokemon

    Are you feeling lazy/rushed/tired? Vote on the poll & go. --- Among fans, there has been Controversy of the difficulty of the games in the Pokemon series since day one. Some argue that the series is to easy, encouraging younger players to enjoy the games, while others think that the game may...
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    Do you link moves?

    Personally, I never bothered with linking moves, once I found out that they drained my belly faster, in long dungeons I can't afford to give up item slots for max elixirs & apples. What about you?
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    Yanmega Disscusion

    Boredom= thread time. Tier: RU Stats: 86/76/86/116/56/95 Notable moves: Bug Buzz / Giga Drain / Air Slash / U-turn / HP Fire Other Moves: HP Fighting / Psychic / Shadow Ball / Protect Abilities: Tinted Lens: "Not very effective" moves have their power doubled. Speed...
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    Serebii Forums Has Encountered An Error.

    I apologize for using that slightly misleading thread tile to latch on to your curiosity & drag you in here. Mods, go ahead & change it if you feel like it. I decided to make this thread after I got home from school & created this really cool animated banner. I got about an hours worth of work...
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    What are your base stats?

    The old thread has fallen to the dreaded no-post territory so I'm remaking it. Credit for the original thread idea goes to GenesectArceus. What are your base stats? Please keep your Base Stat Total at 580 maximum(trio legends), & keep your individual stats at 120, maximum. EDIT: 130 maximum...
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    Sweet Stache, Bro!

    Many Pokemon have gathered a reputation for their facial hair whether wild or , spouting the the top of tier lips. These mustaches, beards, & Goatees range from Fu Manchou, to Donegal, & even the Goatee styles. Pokemon Facial hair is usually associated the Power, Knowledge, & Status. -What do...
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    The Pokemon Coincidence thread

    I you've noticed any strange or cool coincidences in Pokemon games, post them here. I noticed a short while ago. :541: Social Withdrawal Anxiety Disorder Post your coincidences.
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    ~The Pokeball Disscussion Thread~

    In case the title wasn't obvious enough, this thread is to disscuss all aspects of the Pokéball. Anything Pokéball related, anything at all, can go here, whether its to disscuss what it might be like on the inside of a Pokéball, attempting to invent or improve a ball, to disscussing theories why...
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    Pokemon You'll Never Use

    So We all have our Favorite Pokemon & Pokemon That Can never leave our sides, but what about those pokemon you can't stand to use? This is both asthetic & game wise.This is Not a Pokemon Flame Thread Personally, I could never use the jigglpuff line. All of them are extremely weak Compared to...