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  1. Z

    How long have you used Serebii.net and how did you find it?

    Not sure if a similar thread exists. I have used SPP since around 2003 when I was looking for some information to help me on my sisters Sapphire version. I looked through many sites and Serebii and Pokedream was the sites I began to use alot. Then as information on FRLG and Pokemon XD came...
  2. Z

    I need Wifi help

    I can't seem to find my WEP key. Where do i find it?
  3. Z

    Attention Darkrai/sheimi Reservers

    Sadly i have accidently deleted my list so please PM me what your offer was and what pokes you wanted. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience for any of you. This is very important because i erased all the old PM's. If i am not allowed to do this i am sorry.
  4. Z

    Rate my Team

    Rate My current team Enperto-lv 54 Metal Claw Surf* Waterfall* Drill Peck Mukkuhawk-lv 52 Endevor Fly* Brave Bird In fight Rozelia-lv 51 Giga Drain Petal Dance Toxic Cut* Golem-lv 52 Explosion Rock Climb* Earthquake Rock Smash* Rentorra-lv53 Spark Crunch Thunder...
  5. Z

    Can the Wii use normal SD cards?

    I am getting the Wii on Friday along with the game Red Steel. Can i buy a normal 256 mb or 512 mb SD card or do i have to buy the "Wii" brand SD card? And how much Mb does Red Steel and Wii Sports take up? And would a 128 mb flash Drive work for the memory? and i would want to use the normal SD...
  6. Z

    Signing in help

    in the past few days, SPPF has been loging me out even when i check the "remember me" box. I am not the only user experiencing this so why is it doing that? i hate logging in and it is getting very annoying
  7. Z

    The New Trainer Card Format

    Well, when everyone discovered that the D/P sprites were bigger than the old ones, i heard that someone should make a new format that can hold the bigger sprites better. well i made it and will ad more formats as a make them. This Format has slightly bigger Squares. And this one has bigger...
  8. Z

    Where are Good places to Buy Cards?

    I am pathetic. I am looking into buying some pkmn cards and there are only 2 local stores that i know of. Toys r us (which has a terrible selection) and K B Toys which closed. where are other places i can buy cards?
  9. Z

    Zipzap713's Sprites

    Here are some of my sprites recolors Revamps-before&after Devamps-before& after(they are devamped 2 GSC style) And the shinou scratch sprites
  10. Z

    Are you able to breed to get a beldum?

    As the title says are you able to breed to get a beldum?. i mean it has no gender but i have heard people say that they are breeding to get a beldum that has a good nature. so are u able to or not.
  11. Z

    Which is Better Firered or Leafgreen?

    Vote on which is your favorite or which you think is the best overall. The winning game on 11/15/06 i will purchase
  12. Z

    d/p new sprites

    here are a few sprites i created shinou badges do not use the gym badge sprites with out asking me thanks to serrebi and coronis for providing the pokemon screenshots.:)
  13. Z

    Are pokemon game's plots becoming extreme?

    well in the recent RSE games the villans were to capture two pokemon that could cause devestation to the world. in the new D/P series the plot sounds very evil. them drying up lakes, opening up portals that are "putting ripples in teh planet" not saying that these are necicarily bad for the...
  14. Z

    Please help me

    sorry if i sound like i am a begging but can someone tell em how to recruit the legendary birds Articuno moltres and zapdos?
  15. Z

    Zipzap's ultimate custom sig stuff.

    Well here is my new shop. here you can get, breeding cards, eggs and trainer cards, sprite recolors, fossil pokemon, aged pic, pkmn inverts, pkmn "glitches",glowing pkmn, "kalidescope" and mystery dungeon sprites/ banners. -NOW WITH SHINOU BADGES- My cool assistants are - D00med 16 and...
  16. Z

    possible no shinys?

    just another of my millions of pokemon theorys but do you think that with the games getting more advanced that (if the shinies are a glitch) figure out how to solve the glitch or ( if the shines are on purpose which they probably are) decide that the shines are just to much trouble to put into...
  17. Z

    How many old gen pokemon will evolve in this game ( not confirmed proof)

    On the japanese official website i read in one of the google translations that the proffeser's theory saysthat 90% of all pokemon evolve. i did the math and taht means 324 current gen pokemon will evolve. that means that only about 40 current gen pokemon won't evolve in the D/P game. That is...
  18. Z

    Pokemon trainer cards! Custom!

    tired of seeing other people having cool trianer cards, banners, or sprite fusions? well trianer cards custom will allow you to request one of these choices and get one really looking cool back. Assistants- D00med 16 and Flygon Rocks Now with the Hikari sprite 1. I can do some...
  19. Z

    D/P events from the Wii?

    Since the Wii uses Wifi do you think that nintendo will allow you to download pokemon such as Manafi to your DS?