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    Archsage's Breeding Shop

    Welcome to my breeding shop! Hopefully, you'll find something you're looking for here! Rules - Follow all SPPf rules! - Post here before VM/PMing me - No hacks. Everything I breed will be legitimate, so I expect the same of you. - Fair offers only, please! I will be available to trade...
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    Emerald BF Team

    Currently I'm using Blaziken as a mixed sweeper and Gardevoir as a special sweeper, and switch the third Pokémon around. I'm debating between these six as to which I should use most/what moveset. Starmie- Modest [Natural Cure] -Recover -Psychic -Ice Beam -Surf What I'm using here is pretty much...
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    Some Moveset Advice for a Casual Team?

    I think my team is decent for some Pokémon, but some need some help and I'd like some advice. Items would be great, too. I don't have the ability to get different natures, unfortunately. Let me know if you want to see stats or something else Luxray- Timid -Thunder Fang -Crunch -??? -...
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    HeartGold In-game Team Help

    My current team consists of: Ampharos Lv.32 Charge Headbutt ThunderPunch Rock Smash Tentacruel Lv.31 Sludge Bomb Toxic Spikes Surf Blizzard Furret Lv.31 Strength Cut (planning to remove this) Iron Tail (I need a suggestion for a fourth move) Butterfree Lv.32 Gust Psybeam Sleep Powder Silver...
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    What Final Fantasy game should I play first?

    Please, I need some help. I've never played a Final Fantasy game before. (Yes, I know, blasphemy), and I'm curious about which one more experienced players think I should try first, since there are quite a lot. My available systems are: PS2, Wii, DS, and Gameboy. I'd prefer not to buy a whole...