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    Hello, again!

    Joined back in December 2010 but found no real value of exchanging Friend Codes, battling, or trading since I did not have access to WiFi. Now behold I have access to WiFi, so now I'm looking to expanding my Dex along in engaging in trades and potentially battles (once I have a team put...
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    Pokemon Paint Art

    The banner in my signature links to my YouTube page that has videos of pokemon that I drew using the paint program. I'm just looking for feedback which would be greatly appreciated because I do want to make more :) Thanks!
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    New: That is me!

    Hey everyone! Obviously I'm a newcomer to the Serebii forums, though not to the site as a whole. Serebii has been my favorite site to get information about Pokemon and the game series for as long as I can remember. I just decided to be a little more social than a lurker :P I just picked up...