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    Creative Presents!

    Hey guys, I know it's not QUITE holiday season shopping time yet, but I'm looking into it very early this year because... I finally have someone to do something for this Christmas, and I want to make it really special. Maybe you guys can help me brainstorm! What are some ideas for some...
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    Clichés anyone?

    Clichés anyone? Okay, this is a topic I have been dying to rant talk about. I read through all of the art-related rule pages and I'm pretty sure there isn't already a thread like this, so I wont get in any trouble, hopefully... Is there anything you all see in, well I'm aiming this at...
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    Doodle's Doodles (revamped)

    Okay so hi Serebiiforums, I'm back again. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not great at staying active for long periods of time, but I'm here again! I finally got access to Photoshop again with my new subscription to the Creative Cloud! So I'm here to give away signatures and stuff for anyone...
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    Fan art of fan art - Morality

    Is it immoral to use someone's fan art (that you Googled) in your own fan art? xD I did this for the first time, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.. vv Of course what I'm talking about is the Hypno in my signature. vv
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    Signature Space Taker-Upers

    Okay so hi! I've made galleries of stuff I've made before on Serebii (alas, the threads were all too old to just bump with new content) and I've got some new stuff to share. I'm hastily putting together this thread before I go out to dinner, but I'll fix it up and make it pretty later. So what...
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    Hi again fellow Pokenerds. ^.^

    So, hey there! I'm not exactly new to Serebii, and to anyone who knows me; I'm back again! xD Yeah, so I've had an on and off relationship with Serebiiforums, but I'm back again because I just got all nerdy and excited about Pokemon again when I got the new game. What is there to know...
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    I'm backkkk~

    Well, here I am again. x3 Those of you that know/knew me know that I usually get on Serebii for a few months, and then something prevents me from being active again. I hope that doesn't again. I'm having trouble adjusting to the new Serebii format/theme/whateveryoucallit, but it does seem...
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    Doodles' Thingy-Mah-Bobbers

    Thingy-Mah-Bobbers Alright first off, hi again peoples. I'm back to Serebii again. I'm not gonna' open up a request shop again this time though due to my on-and-off activity on Serebii. If you really want something from me, send me a PM or DM and I'll try to do it. Anyways, on with the...
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    My Hill!

    This game is very common, so common in fact that I'm surprised it's not already a thread here in the games section. The game is simple: The first poster is on top of the hill, all subsequent post their creative way of knocking their prior poster off the hill and taking their spot...
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    What is your News source?

    As the title suggests, I'd like to know where you get your news from? I watch a Monday-Thursday Youtube show called the Philip DeFranco Show, what do you use?
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    ~Doodles' Doodles~

    Please read. My computer I use to create graphics got spilled on, the only thing damaged was the keyboard and trackpad, but due to this I will not be able to do any graphics, all current requests are accepted, but will not be able to be completed until Monday (at the earliest) I appreciate your...
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    Doodles' Sprite Gallery

    My Sprites Okay, I'm only going to put my recent graphics. I'm going to include Userbars, Pokémon Recolors, Sprite Animations and anything else I decide to put in here. I'm going to put Avatars, Banners and Desktops in a thread I make in the Digital Media subcategory. I appreciate...
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    Doodles ^.~

    Hey everyone, I never did this when I originally signed up on my old account: Level99Love, so I'll do one now. ^.^ My name is Amy. My hobbies include: playing Rock Band, Graphic Design/Pixel Editing, playing Pokémon, reading Books, and now; learning to play Guitar. I just recently got...