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    Starting Age for Trainers

    We all know that anime canon states that Trainers start out at the age of ten, right? I've seen some people claim that this is also canon for the game, although from what I know anime canon=/= game canon. What I want to know if why do you think this is? And if you don't think that is the case...
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    One World; Two Eras

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    Pokémon: The Cards of Change

    Pokémon: The Cards of Change Pokémon: The Cards of Change Prologue: The Decision A hushed wind wafted through the window, the crystalline plane hanging open limply. Inside, a gaggle of petite, young children sat in a history class. One boy in particular looked around, his eyes glancing...
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    ~*~Nature's Curse~*~

    ~*~Nature's Curse~*~ RP Produced by: Jason-Kun Rated: PG-13 for language and violence Contents The World's History A Century Ago Ten Years Ago Present Your Role Form The World's History It's been many a year since the world began. Many things have happened since the dawn...
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    Post whatever you want, as long as it's legendary pokemon related. Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno-One. Moltres is female, Zapdos is male, and Articuno is also female. Mew-One, female. Immortal. Mewtwo-One, male. Human lifespan. Celebi-One, female. Immortal. Raikou/Suicune/Entei-One of each...
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    Ice & Fire Entwined -Saunashipping-

    What is Suanashipping? Suanashipping to put it lightly is the pairing of Flannery & Candice. Although there is nothing in the anime, games, or various mangas to suggest this pairing, there are still legitamite reasons for why this shipping would work out. First of all Flannery is...
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    Water and Ice Legendary Fanclub

    Welcome to the club. This is a club to honor the water and ice type legendaries. Incase you don't know them they are: Articuno, Suicune Regice, Kyogre, Manaphy, and Phione. We can talk about them, find pictures of them, etc. here! Rules 1. Remember the Golden Rule, "Do onto others as you...
  8. J

    The Cards of Change

    Authors Note: This story is my first fanfic. I would like some deep and helpful critisizm so as to help me improve my skills. I also think it is worh noting that that fanfic takes place not in the universe of the anime, or manga, but of the games. Things such as levels will be mentioned, but not...
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    The Cards of Fate (Preview)

    Pokémon: The Cards of Change Prolougue: A History Lesson Kyogre Cruise Ship: 3rd day of Rayquaza 1998, 8:35 PM- Hoenn Standard Time The bright sun burned over the blue Hoenn Sea. To the far south of the region, a large chunk of land suck out. This was to be the future region of Kiveon...
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    Legend of the Stone Tablet

    Brown eyes looked around the room of the ship to Fullmoon Academy, black hair with pink streaks falling over them. A pink bandana similiar to May's covered the boy's hair. A pink shirt could be seen poking out from underneath a pink, woolen jacket. Blue jeans clutched at the frame of theboy's...
  11. J

    Legend of the Stone Tablet (LST)

    YOUR ROLE IN ALL THIS It has been roughly a hundred years since this fateful conversation and Mew and Kyogre are still waiting for signs of the six mentioned to show. You on the other hand are young children who have been selected to attend a school for aspiring trainers. Meanwhile six of you...
  12. J

    The Dragon Chronicles (Pg-15)

    Note: This story takes place in a cross between our world and the pokemon world and does not follow your average journey fic. You'll see. *Chapter One- Arrival* We all know the story of Ash and friends right? How in the Pokémon world trainers went off on their journeys at the age of ten...
  13. J

    Yu-gi-oh (TRAD) Hero's Junkyard

    My deck is an elemental hero themed deck with a few others mixed in. I'd like some advice on how to make it better,please. It's been altered so there aren't that many elemental heros but enough of em. Spells: Black Pendant Monster Reincarnation Red Medicine Dark Factory of Mass Production...
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    Dialgashipping General Discussion

    Based on the new pokemon manga entitled Pokemon Daimond and Pearl Adventure!, I bring you Dialgashipping. This is the shipping of the beautiful Mitsumi and the justice serving Jun as well as the wild boy Hareta! They all want Dialga which is how this shipping got its name. Discuss this shipping...