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    Naruto Shipp?den: Narutimate Accel

    Naruto Shippūden: Narutimate Accel The next installment in the Narultimate Hero(Ultimate Ninja)Series was shown in the weekly shonen jump #52,this game will be for the PS2 and the characters revealed to us so far are Naruto,Sakura,Kakashi,and Deidara,Iam looking forward to this one,how about...
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    I need MAJOR HELP Please!

    My Speakers dont work at all now,they make noise but when Im on the internet/aol/Limewire,youtube,etc there is no sound,I found many settings,controls etc but I cant turn the volume up because Its not highlighted so I cant click on it,Ive been up since yesterday afternoon at 4:00 until now,Iam...
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    Favorite Season

    Whats yours,I like the Kanto Adventures since it was alitte fresh,violent,etc.
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    How much is Chaos Emperor Dragon worth?

    I was wondering since Iam going to sell all my cards,I wanted to know how much he costs,so do any of you know?
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero

    Have any of you seen,it,Ive been watching it at YouTube,its real cool,funny,perverted,and violent,for example Yami or Dark Yugi would challenge people to shadow games but no cards this time,and if they lost or cheated they would suffer terribly....
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    My new Emerald Team

    Mewtwo LVL 100 ShadowBall Recover Psychic BrickBreak Lugia LVL 80 Earthquake Psychic PsychoBoost AeroBlast HO-OH LVL 80 Recover FlameThrower FireBlast SacredFire Rayquaza LVL 85 Crunch Fly DragonClaw Extremespeed Kyogre LVL 85 Surf IceBeam WaterSpout SheerCold...
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    What ever happened to Bass?

    I was wondering since he was never talked about after the game,MegaMan and Bass,did he die or something?
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    Need help

    I have the Trojan Horse virus and I have an anti virus protector but I want to know why I got this virus
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    How old is May?

    KyleDelta and me were talking about it in school,I said she is 10,he says she is 12 or 13,help us!
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    MegaMan and Bass

    Do any of u have it,its fun
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    Scariest moments in your game

    Mines was KingKong,a Venotosaurus came at me when I turned around
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    Favorite moves

    Wats urs,mines psycho boost;386-a;
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    In the old Kanto adventures,why was the episode with Brock and Jynx banned?Wat did he do???
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    Advanced Battle song

    Havent u noticed that they keep going back and forth between showing pikachu using iron tail at night,and showing rukario and mew in the song,I like the one with mew and rukario,Its PISSING ME OFF!!They need to make up there mind.Do u agree?
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    My computer has been moving slowly and this pop up keeps popping up and forces me to close up my internet explorer,Iam currently on AOL and everything seems fine but I had to shut my computer down alot.Can u help me?
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    Ash's Future wife

    I think pikachu,and Iam serious
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    Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis

    Do any of u have it?I rented it along time ago and now I want to buy it!Iam thinking about stealing my friends since no stores have it.Anyway its a cool game
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    Favorite moves from Naruto

    My #1 Favorite move is sexy jutsu!! :)
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    Who do u like more?

    Roxxanne or Flannery?I love Flannery!!
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    If You was in Ash's place

    What would You guys do if u were Ash?Any thing differernt,same,etc.