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    Favorite stone to use in platinum???

    Out of all the stones, new to the series, AND old, which is your favorite to use in platinum, and why?? I like the dusk stone personally, bc you can get a murkrow...
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    certaian Gen 2 pokemon that you never evolve??

    Ok, basically this is a thread that I Created to discuss if and why you choose certain pokemon in your soulsilver and or heartgold game NOT to evolve them and purposely stop their evolutions... For example, I choose not to evolve my cydaquil At all because of the fact I think imho it looks...
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    Favorite Egg to hatch??

    Out of all the pokemon you could possibly hatch from breeding which pokemon is your favorite to hatch??? Mine would have to be magby!!
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    I am new to these forums and I absolutely love pkmn, have since I was a kid.... I love everything from the trading card game to the rpg's on the ds and 3DS!! just wanted to introduce myself... p.s I have used serebii's site for a while and never released there was even a forum :0...