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    Gears of War 2 Announced

    Xbox.com Site: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6186323.html?action=convert&om_clk=latestnews&tag=latestnews;title;0 Full press release: Gears of War 2 Announced Providing a dramatic close to Microsoft's 2008 Game Developers Conference keynote address, lead designer Cliff Bleszinski of Epic...
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    Bungie leaving MS?

    http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3163310 wow this is amazing disscus here.
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    Shiny Groudon for trade

    Ill trade my shiny Groudon for a shaymin if anyone has one. (Legit) please because my Groudon is.
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    Shiny Sandshrew for trade

    Ill trade for a shaymin (legit) and yes sandshrew is legit.
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    Need Munchlax

    Anyone got a Muchlax for trade;munchlax; i know these are pathetic but i havent beat diamond so i can trade a Sneasel, Roselia,Floatzel, or Quagsire i despreatly need a Munchlax >.<
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    Shiny Clefairy fo trade

    Im not realy fond of Clefairy and i found one on my way to Dialga in mt.Cornet its legit. Post some pokemon (Shaymin) prefered but just post a pokemon if you dont have one and we'll see.
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    Slagking/Herracros Help

    I need a good moveset for those to pokemon that i want to use in my team for battle frontier.
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    :+:Super_Trainer's TC Shop:+:

    Hello and welcome to my TC shop. In this shop I will serve people on a first come first serve basis so dont yell at me if i do not have yours done if someone eles has posted before you. Here at the shop is what i can do: TC Templates Credit goes to pokelite200 Template #1...
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    Hey um i got pokemon Ranger i caught all the legendarys even the 3 regies and i was woundering how to get Manaphy people on other website's say you talk to a person and they give you some egg? Help would be much appreciated! :)
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    Best Evee Evolution

    What you think the best Evee evolution is post here :)
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    Pokemon Ranger?

    Ok well i want to get Pokemon Ranger m friends say that its not a good game they think it's lame.... if you could post your opion's here that would be much appreciated thanks.;026;