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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    Screenshots of Pokemon Typing are all dated for 2010 http://www.serebii.net/typingds/pics.shtml Edit : Ah lovely, it has been fixed.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Is this fake? I say this because it seems serebii is refusing to post it on the main page...
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    Your first Card

    I wish I could remember, it would be one of the common cards sitting at the front of a base set booster pack when they first came out. I probably couldn't of told you half an hour later, so after over 10 years there is no chance of me knowing...
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    PCP Via Nintendo WFC Going on now!!!

    Search> Advanced search> Type "Pichu" > Search Titles Only > Search Now You'd be shocked by what comes up top of the list last posted in today.
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    Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

    I think you are confused, go re-read the event information again. On wi-fi from today you get the pikachu coloured pichu on diamond/pearl/platinum (not the spikey eared one) but when you trade it to heartgold and soulsilver you unlock the spikey eared pichu event.
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Has a few similarities to Sandslash. It's probably and hopefully something completely new though.
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    Your Newest Card

    Is it good to get a Heatran (series 8) out of your very first pop pack ever? Seen a lot of people complain on youtube about always getting rubbish cards and yet I loved mine.
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    Your Newest Card

    Shaymin lv.X (land) I listed all my rare holo's I got today then the forums went down and lost my post =/.
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    Your Newest Card

    Just opened a blue Arceus tin and was quite happy with what I got inside as well as the Arcues promo on the front. I'll list them in order of pack opening, rares only. Platinum: Giratina lv.55 - reverse holo rare Weavile G lv.48 - holo rare Secret Wonders: Ho-oh lv.45 - holo rare...
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    Any chance for a Pokemon TCG game on DS?

    I was just thinking this, I found my old Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color and remembered it was an amazing game plus you got a cool Meowth promo card with it. I was sad when the sequel was not released in english though. They need to make a new one with expanded features/map and...
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    I'm no expert at all so it's best to wait for one to answer, but prices of them listed where I buy from (which are usually very competitive and low) are as follows: Latias ☆ (EX Deoxys 105) - $25.00 Mewtwo ☆ (EX Holon Phantoms 103) - $23.25 Groudon ☆ (EX Delta Species 111) - $21.34
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    Recently found a TON of cards from years ago.

    I have the exact same ones apart from Venusaur... one day I hope to add that and base set Blastoise to my collection.
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    Your Newest Card

    You get a reverse holo in every single booster pack that may be common, uncommon or rare (usually most of the cards in a set you can get reverse holo versions), then you get the normal rare card which may or may not be a regular holo (if not then it is plain without any shine).
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    Weird Cards and Misprints

    I got the Venomoth holo in the jungle set without the symbol, I noted they were all listed here a sell for and bit more than usual: http://www.pojo.com/priceguide/userrorcards.html
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    Your Newest Card

    Thanks, I was rushing to do it and mis-read the corner of the card.
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    Your Newest Card

    I've opened 17 packs since the weekend from various sets and it'd be pointless for me to list all the cards including regular rares and holofoil promos from my tins/box (which were basically lv.x Rayquasa, Charizard and Garchomp plus Regigigas normal and jumbo cards), so instead I will just list...
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    10 ANIV shiny celebi for trade

    I know you have one, that's why I was saying woah about yours. You should trade clones of it or something.
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    10 ANIV shiny celebi for trade

    Woah, shiny space center deoxys???
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    10 ANIV shiny celebi for trade