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    The truth about a world with Pokemon

    In both show games and the anime, the whole world seems to revolve around Pokemon. In the games, all you have to do is take 5 steps in some tall grass and you'll see a Pokemon. In the anime, they aren't quite that common, but they still appear to be abundant, seeing as every single character...
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    Nintendo Power Flaw?!!!

    I was looking in my semi-new Nintendo Power, you know the one the section on Pokemon D/P, and I found an error on page 76. On the page with Dialga and Palkia, they mixed up the names. It says that the blue guy is Palkia and the pink one is Dialga. Now this may seem like nit-picking, but it...
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    If you were a Pokemon, what attacks would you know?

    Judging by your personality, talents, and other things about you, what attacks do you think you would know? Me: Calm Mind (I'm calm) Double Kick (I play soccer) Headbutt (I play soccer) Confusion (I confuse people) My little sister: Scratch (She scratches) Outrage (She gets mad)...
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    Name Change?

    I have a question. I really don't like my name, its just stupid. Is there any way to change it? Besides making a new account I mean. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Will Emerald become a "Player's Choice"?

    I overheard someone say that Emerald will become a "Player's Choice" and its cost will lower to $20. Is this true? It would be nice, as the game costs a bit to much. Could someone please answer this question.