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    Still looking for an Elekid with an Electrizer

    People ignore my main thread like crazy fools so I'll try again here. I HAVE A LUGIA SHINY, LATIAS SHINY AND MISDREAVUS SHINY. - All Untouched.
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    4th gen shiny plz

    I will give a pair of navel rock untouched shinies for one. I also have an untouched 10ANIV Celebi and Emerald Mew.
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    AceShiny Daily Thread

    I HAVE A LUGIA, LATIAS AND MISDREAVUS SHINY. Today only come and get. I have a vast collection of shinies and I can get more than what I list here so if you ask me then maybe I can get what you want. Today I've copied over these shinies: YANMA LVL 18 - BOLD - GONE LUGIA LVL 70 - HASTY...
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    I'm trading this 'shiny' set of 6!

    Ok I have a set of lvl 100 shiny Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. I'm trading for the best offer, I had a great offer on another forum but the guy went off and I ran out of posts. Birds are from Kanto. Dogs are from Distant Land (Orre)
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    Legit lvl 100 Black Rayquasa (Shiny as some call it)

    I will give it up for the best trade offer, as you can kinda make out on my screenshots I tried taking when it was on sapphire it is indeed legit. I caught it at lvl 70 in Sky Pillar with my Masterball. *EDIT I will take any pokemon now if it has 'Luck Incense' attached that I need. I sold...
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    Drifloon trade and trade back.

    I really desperatly need to see one to complete my Sinnoh dex. I'll even spare any one of the old 386 pokemon 2moz if someone can just do this one little thing. I'm not messing with my DS to change the date to Friday.