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    I need help finding the Sapphire gem.

    I've just found the Ruby but cannot find the sapphire. I went to the palce where your suppose to get it and theres a scientist guy there not letting me in.
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    Pearl team rating please?

    Blaziken Brave Bird Sky Uppercut Fire Blast Cut-----anyway I can get rid of it? Enpuruto Ice Beam Grass Rope Tide Sword Dance Pachirisu Thuner Super Fang Sweet Kiss Spark Glameow ? ? ? ? Rozerade ? ? ? ? Steelix Explosion Rock Smash Double edge Chrunch
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    Ash gets a [spoiler]

    I saw it in a picture with Brock with a Happiny. [Spoiler Tag added by Dogasu]
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    The items Silver sheild and gold sheild

    I didn't know where to post this but what do those two items do once you get them?
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    Trainer Cards

    If you use the tutorial from Neopets.com do you have the link? Sorry, I didn't know where to post this.
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    At the end of Shinoh do you think Ash's pikachu will evolve into Raichu? Sorry, if theres already threads like this. ;026;
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    What's your favorite starter in the whole Pokemon series

    Mine would be Pochama or Torchic.
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    Pokemon Episodes - - - ->

    Does anyone know where I can watch Pokemon episodes because I've missed them on Cartoon Network?
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    May's Pokemon

    Does anyone else dislike May's pokemon like Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Eevee. I mean come on this is the third generation why would she have Kanto pokemon? ;munchlax;
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    Where to find a Poliwag in Lg??

    I'm sorry I cannot find the right place to post this. But where can I find a Poliwag in LG? I Don't know which rod to use.
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    How many more.....Till D/P??

    Like 3 months and 15 days?
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    Do you have 2 rivals in D/P

    I wonder...
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    Brock's Mother..

    Isn't she dead..but then she is seen again later in the episodes. Didn't Brock say she was dead?
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    What pokemon wuold you turn into?

    If you had one chance to turn into a Pokemon what would it be?;259;
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    Isn't hard to get a Female starter?

    I've never got one.
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    How does Onyx evolve into Steelix?

    I know you need a metal coat but where do you find one? ;095;
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    My team For Pearl

    Enpuruto W/S Tateopusu S/R Pachirisu E Muumajii G/D Nyaruma N Rozureido G/P
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    Pearl or Diamond?

    So, I was wondering are you gonna get Pearl or Diamond?
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    Hello I'm new :p

    Just wanted to say "Hi" to all the fellow members of Serebii ;munchlax;