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  1. TomRC121991

    Kalos Arrived?

    Since Kanto released in July 4th 2016, Jotho released in December 12 2016, Hoenn released in October 20th, 2017, Sinnoh released in October 9th, 2018 and Unova released in September 16th, 2019, When will the Kalos gets released?
  2. TomRC121991

    Sending Messages to Studio

    Hi, I've have send the messages to studios from Facebook and Gmail. Email address: info@olm.asia and TV Tokyo I wrote says: Hi, I'm Tom Clements from England and I have autistic. I always making scripts and sending ideas. I will like to know about PM2019 036 - Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb...
  3. TomRC121991

    Anime come back?

    We need to hear about when the Pokémon anime will come back when the Tokyo lockdown will be lifted.
  4. TomRC121991

    I've write a letter to OLM Studio

    I wrote a letter to OLM Studio to ask the guy when the COVID-19 have gone and I made an ideas for making a episode. Such as... Satoshi & Nuckrar! Lost In The Sand Desert! Satoshi and Go arrive at the Hoenn. After Satoshi have catches Nuchrar, he fell down the sandy hills and got lost. So...
  5. TomRC121991

    Pokémon: Journey Series Dub Title Thread

    Pokémon: Journey Series Dub Title Thread *Rules & Guidelines: READ BEFORE POSTING!!!* Rule 1: If you fail to obey below rules you will get reported for it, so please follow the rules.:) Rule 2: This thread is for revealing/discussing the Dub Titles. There is no referencing the Japanese...
  6. TomRC121991

    When dose Pikachu Short will come back?

    Since Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad have end in 2015. When the Pikachu Short will come back in the future?
  7. TomRC121991

    What Pokémon We Haven't Seen For A Long Time In Anime?

    In every time in this Pokémon anime, what sort of Pokémon we haven't seen for a long time in anime that will might return? Kadabra since Fear Factor Phony Jynx since Three Jynx and the Baby Porygon since Lights, Camera, Quack-tion Omastar since Dealing With Defensive Types Kabuto since The...
  8. TomRC121991

    Upcoming Episode Titles Speculation Thread

    This site when the upcoming episode title will come up with the news.
  9. TomRC121991

    What was the name of the background music in Mutiny in the Bounty when is the end of episode

    It goes when is... 20:15-20:40 Episode from....
  10. TomRC121991

    Ash Fan-Idea Pokemon Team.

    I've making a fan idea of Ash's Pokemon team. With changing Ash's Pokemon Team for this Series Kanto Pikachu (Type: Electric) Move used: Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, Agility, Quick Attack, Thunder, Double-Edge, Tackle, Leer, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle and Electro Ball. Pidgey(Type...