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  1. J

    What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?

    My friend used Earthquake to my Dragonite, i guess he doesnt know Dragonite doesnt get hit by Ground moves...
  2. J

    ideas for new abilities

    Fast Start (opposite of slow start): Makes the user faster at the begining of the battle. Always effective: Makes all moves super effective (only for normal types.) Shock: Raises thunder type moves in a pinch (for thunder types only)
  3. J

    The Nicknaming Thread

    I just nickname my PKMN names that go well with their type. Blaziken/Infernape: Blaze Charizard: Flame/Burner Empoleon/Poliwrath: Bubbles Torterra: Twiggy Raichu: Shocker I nickname my PKMN names like those, it just suits the PKMN.
  4. J

    Favorite music from a Pokemon game?

    With D/P my faves are mainly every important battle but Dialga and Palkia battle and Rival battle are probably my faves.
  5. J

    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Nobody remembers Quilfish much....not many of the Johto Pokemon are remembered, its all Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh now.
  6. J


    Wrap is terrible and annoying, it may not hurt much, but when it does it 5 times it gets REALLY annoying.
  7. J


    I used to think Dodrio evolved into Farfetch'D (because it was next to it on Poke'Dex)
  8. J

    Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

    Golbat looked crazy! and whats wrong with Sandslash on D/P? Pikachu looks crazy on B/R, looks very fat.
  9. J

    What did you like most about 1st. Gen?

    The glitches and Yellow, having Pikachu as a starter, and it follows you!
  10. J

    best final evolution of starters

    Charizard rocks! his fire moves can burn anything!
  11. J

    Favourite Gym Leader

    Lt. Surge and his Raichu, hes shocking!
  12. J

    What was your first Lv. 100?

    My Poliwrath! then Rayquaza!
  13. J

    Official PMD1 Moveset Discussion Thread.

    Charizard: Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fly.
  14. J

    Funny Kecleon Shop Storys

    With Monster Houses, try using moves like Heat Wave or Powder Snow, they attack everyone in the room (not yourself or your partner) I use Heat Wave alot and its very useful for MH.
  15. J

    Ranger 1 Help Thread

    I think Flygon is probably the easiest one (out of Charizard, Salamence) Just keep trying to circle it VERY fast when it has just used a move (because it usually takes a while to launch another attack) you need to be quite fast though.
  16. J

    Can the America version of Mystery Dungeon link up with the British version?

    I would think so to, they are both the same (game wise) but i think they probably can.
  17. J

    What's allways in your toolbox?

    Apples and Reviver seeds usually, some other useful things to.
  18. J

    Your flag

    I think mine is either a red flag, or a Poke'ball flag.
  19. J

    Whos getting Explorers of Darkness and Time?

    Ill be getting Explorers of Time to, sounds and looks much better! Also its called Explorers of TIME, does Time remind you of anyone? Celebi and Dialga!
  20. J

    How much Poke do you have in your bank?

    I dont have much, i buy apples from the Kecleon brothers.