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    The Tales Of The Caretakers: Folklore of Hero's Heves

    O.K. I know the oder TOC was a failure since I didnt contnue it. I just write it, I never thought what happens next. This one is different. Please rate me ok? The Tales of the Caretakers Folklore of Heros’Heves Chapter 1: Battle Song The world was at its knees when the Four Powers of...
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    Soul Siren

    Many people in my school is talikin all about this game.Anyone heared or played it?I heared its sooo gory...
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    Vagrant Story

    Has anyone played this?Im kinda stuck in the marionet doll thingie....I dont know where to go....
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    Final Fantasy Tactics & Legend of Mana

    I know this is kinda old games but did someone get Cloud in FFT?And is Legend of Mana and FFT connected in some sort of way?I love 2 player mode in Legend of Mana.^^
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    My own drawings

    um..can rate my drawing?Be honest. [img=http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/7976/legendary5gs.th.jpg]