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    Garchomp or Metagross?

    Hello everyone! I'm having a hard time figuring out what the final pokemon on my team should be. My team is: Gallade Scizor Absol Blastoise Aerodactyl And I need just one more, which would be Garchomp, Metagross, or another different pokemon entirely if I decide Garchomp or Metagross...
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    Hidden Power Question

    Hello all who like to read forum threads! :D I have a question regarding Hidden Power. Now we all know that Hidden Power can be any type but still say it's the Normal type in the move section of your Pokemon's info. But I'd like to know if the ability Adaptability affects Hidden Power when...
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    Need Help with Song

    Hello any who reads this! I need some help, i'm supposed to find a song that describes the character 'Captain Beatty' from the book "Fahreheit 451". From Wikipedia it decribes Beatty as this: "Captain Beatty is Montag's boss and the fire chief. Once an avid reader, he has come to hate books...
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    In-Ear headphones trouble

    About a year ago i bought some Inner Earphones for Nintendo DS by Hori and just the other day they went crazy. First the left ear bud wouldn't play any sound unless the jack and a little bit of cord was in the right spot. but then later on the left earbud stopped working at all no matter where...
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    Iso extraction

    Hey is there any program that will examin the contents of an iso image and extract a certain file from it? i.e. if you have an iso image with "wondermailcodes.doc" on it the program will show the file and extract it so it becomes a "wondermailcodes.doc" file on your hard drive. If stating the...
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    Team compare

    I want my brother to see that the team i made for him is superior to the one he made so rate please He created ;212; ;395; ;025; ;409; ;398; ;454; I created ;212; ;059; ;135; ;230; ;217; ;094; unsure on movesets. just rate the overall strength of the teams with decent movesets
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    New Sprites???

    Hey does anyone think that there will be new Pokemon sprites in Platinum? Not just different animation but new sprites?
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    SSBB Discussion

    Hey everyone post here if you want to talk about Super Smash Bros Brawl in general here. SPPF rules apply as always. First off who thinks that on the spear pillar stage Arceus;493; would've been on that stage instead of Cressila;488; if he had be revealed before brawl had come out?
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    Danny Phantom art needed

    Does anyone have/can get a picture of danny phantom on all sides (front, left, right, back) just standing still with no pose/action/etc. Try to get official art first. If you can't find any then go to fan art but looks like official. Please help me i need it for a project i'm working on.
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    My Team

    Can someone rate my team? EDIT[(Moves and stats) i was at school when i did this and i didn't remember the moves] all at lv 70 all have had pokerus Gallade Item expert belt quiet nature "good perseverance" Stats hp 194 atk 217 def 133 sp. atk 128 sp. def 173 spd 134 ability...
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    Can't Find in RaZoR LeAf's help

    Hi I can't find anything about locking threads in RaZoR LeAf's help thread. Can only moderators do that?
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    Funny thing

    Hey guys, once when I was playing PBR I used confuse ray on another pokemon and the annoucer said "Doh! It became confused!" Anyone think it could be a reference to Homer Simpson?
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    Coming Soon

    I will be opening a shop (hopefully) soon. See you then!!
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    rate this team

    ok this isn't my team but my bro's, only the pokemon have been decided nothing else so can you tell me a couple of good movesets and stuff for them? Scizor Ursaring Jolteon Kingdra Gengar Arcanine also if any other pokemon would be better for the team tell me (ie kingdra for another...
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    Team Help!

    Hi guys can you help me build a team? I'm trying to build a team for my brother but no luck. two rules no legendaries, and the team needs to have a scizor in it. make it a nice balanced team. and if this isn't the right place for this kind of post point me in the right direction because this...