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    Fastest times?

    I have just completed FR in 29 hours and 6 minutes. But i reckon u could do it in under 25 tbh....I was time wasting near the start :p So whats ur fastest times? I did it with: Zapdos, Atricuno, Kadabra, Blastiose and Snorlax in my team.
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    Am i just lucky with natures?

    Well, It took me 1 egg to get an Adamant Larvitar (From a Modest parent), 1 egg to get an Adamant Pinsir (from a careful parent), Timid and Mild on 2 Ralts Eggs, Mild Treecko in one Egg, 1 egg for a Hasty Bagon, 1 egg for a Quiet Eevee (for Espeon on DP), Mild Natu in one egg, Adamant...
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    Cipher Key Lair

    Im confused. I have completed the game now on Gale of Darkness. However, in backtracking to find items, i have ended up at the Cipher Key Lair. But there is that policeman there... "Ah it's you. Apparently there are still perpetrators here that are involved in the production of shadow...
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    TM25 Thunder

    Where can i get this in Sapphire? I cant find it anywhere! Im positive i havent used it..I was going to teach it to Kyogre and tranfer him to Colosseum to do the Mount Battle challenge...But i cant find my Thunder TM... Can anyone help? Ive looked in the gamecorner, the best they have is...
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    Will this beat the elite 4?

    Im geared up and ready, but i was owndering f i could do it with a weaker team. Ive bought plenty of revives and FUll Restores incase the going gets tough... Sceptile Lv 47 @ Miracle Seed Sassy Leaf Blade Cut Pusuit Slam Gardevoir Lv 48 @ Lefties Timid Psychic Thunderbolt Calm...
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    Moveset for Gardevoir

    Ok...I know many people round here dnt like me so much now... Bt what the hell. Wht would be the best move for my Gardevoir to replace Flash with? Ive gotten o the Elite 4 now. HMs aint so important Lv 46 TIMID (i know crap bt o well) Psychic ThunderBolt Flash (NEEDS REPLACEMENT)...
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    My Ruby Team

    Woo. Ok so here is my up to date ruby team. Im currently trying to get hold of thunderbolt for Gardevoir, and this team will be used agais the elite 4 (when i get there) O and i cnt be bothred to get decent natures. Lairon TIMID Lv 33 Sturdy Iron Tail Metal Claw Strength Secret Power...
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    What could I replace Gardevior with?

    Ive been playing my ruby ganme for a while now.. And i have gotten to the point where my Gardevoir can no longer cope.. My team is currently Sceptile Blaziken Pelipper (soon to be replaced by Salamence) Aggron Flygon And Gardevoir....NOw i was thinking electric...but then again...
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    Whos better???

    Im currently planning my new Ruby game before i start. Now i am going to start with Treecko (after ive traded a Torchic to my Sapphire) and get Wingull, Aron, Makuhita Ralts and then a fire type. however, I am stuck. I do not know wheather to A) Breed a new Torchic egg (so i dont get an...
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    My Old Silver Team

    This team has dpne me much good over the years, no fancy moves or special technigues, just power and tactics and a very good compatibility chart in my head....means i can take out almost anthying! Hrre we go... Typhlosion Lv 51 Charcoal HP: 156 Att: 114 Def: 113 SPCL Atk: 134 SPCL...
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    The weakest team to defeat the elite 4???

    Ok, so i managed a while ago ro beat the elite 4 with this: Lv 45 Manectric Lv 45 Gardevoir Lv 45 Aggron Lv 45 Hariyama lv 48 Swampert Lv 50 Salamence No idea what the moves where, but i know i used alot of revives in the last match against steven. I bet everything on burning...
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    Sapphire Team

    Hello. I am new here and would be pleased to see how you rate my current team! I was thinking of some minor changes, such as TM's and the like, or a completly new direction. I might swap out my Swampert for my Hariyama to beat the elite 4 for the third time. Metagross Lv45 Exp. Share HP 139...