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  1. ninetails012

    War: Chaos Theory VS. Operation Obliviate

    VS Rules: Gen 5 OU No ubers No matchups All serebii rules Be respectful Have fun! CT must win OO war team: Fakestreet WON Mr.Amazing400 Smug Falco Suicunemaster11 D-BRAY LOST Subs Soccer Pro ThunderDragon2 CT war team: - 00Swms LOST - Aurawarrior - Meliekpi...
  2. ninetails012

    worst thing youve done to a game system

    well the name tells what it is so the worst thing ive ever done to a system is my nintendo ds when playing a pokemon game and got so mad i ripped out the game cart jabbed the screen with it broke it and then i had to get a new one :(
  3. ninetails012

    future soulsilver team:

    meganium pigeot ampharos flareon poliwrath ninetails thiis my future soulsilver team and could use some good advice for moves and stuff.
  4. ninetails012

    team help please?

    ok im going to restart my platinum game and i need a good moveset for these poke mon:typhlosion altaria golduck glacion heracross raichu need a good moveset please. will...
  5. ninetails012

    what would happen if a charmanders tail fire went out?

    ive been wondering this for a while. what would happen if a charmanders tail fire went out?
  6. ninetails012

    how can i make a good team with these pokemon?

    how can i make a good team with these pokemon: flygon: crunch,fire blast,earthquake,draco meteor lopunny: drain punch,fire punch,thunderpunch,ice punch luxray:theif,crunch,thunder,thunder fang ninetails:fire blast,overheat,dig,flamethrower feraligatr:aqua tail,crunch,hydro...