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    Knowing and Overcoming Out-Group Homogeneity Bias

    After watching this video on Matthew Patrick's tale from visiting and talking with the one and only Pope Francis, this gets me thinking and curious about the prevailing pros and cons of Social Anthropological Principle of Out-Group Homogeneity Bias (let's initialism it to SAPO-GHB to make...
  2. J

    Pros and Cons of Federalism Country

    For those that may not know save for a few Fil-Ams in this forum, the recent president of the Philippines named Rodrigo Duterte will turn the country's state from a Democratic State to a Federalism State in about 2-3 years (somewhere in 2018-2019). Others would include death penalty and public...
  3. J

    Destruction or Destroying of any Culture

    This gets me thinking about a concern that's not always talked about. The fall of a culture. Whether it is through language, art, architecture, customs, beliefs, laws, and many more, I'm curious to know from all of you if you heard or know the many ways one can destroy any kind of culture from a...
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    Popular Pokemon standouts

    While it is true that the legendaries, eeveelutions, poster pokemon (think of Lucario and Zoroark), and starters will always be popular in their generation, I want to know as to what pokemon do you know that belong to neither of the 4 categories that are very popular. I need examples from all...
  5. J

    Is tis nature of Nintendo true?

    I suggest you read this entire thread to understand my question. You see, I'm certain that all of us may know as to how Nintendo operates. But is this response on the nature of gamers being doom and gloom of Nintendo's future becoming a challenge?
  6. J

    Lower Population Or Higher Population

    Have you had those times wandering about the many issues today in the field of the human population? If you ask me, this is where I often find some sides share their perspective. Some may say that with so many human beings living at this planet, they may say that planet migration would take...
  7. J

    On the question of Character, Numbers, and Focus

    After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the choice of characters and plot of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Saga, Gates to Infinity, and the recent Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, it gets me wandering on some of the most important ingredients of any story. You see, some stories have...
  8. J

    Lenticular Design in Pokemon Games

    Lenticular Game Design Article If you are a fan of this series taking video game design classes, this got me wondering if most Pokemon Games have Lenient Game Design. After watching this video by PBS Game Design, if this helps reduce the difficulty gap, maybe this explains Pokemon's many...
  9. J


    As one of the most popular video games on Steam currently, after watching plays from youtube (Espeicialy Devin from Marriland) and playing it myself, these are the things on what I can honestly say about this game. For Role Playing Game fans, Japanese or Western, its is great game to PUNISH...
  10. J

    On the context of Themes and Age Ratings

    Looking back at my exam project on my Creative Writing Subject, it got me thinking about a particular question. "What are the story themes that are tough or impossible to write in a Rated G (rated for all audiences) written work?" I asked various authors here from before as to what themes...
  11. J

    Pokemon? Or Human Trainers? What's the central symbolism?

    This simple poll comes with a particular question that I have in mind. Which of the two symbolizes the Pokémon franchise? Is it the human characters from the various media that pokemon holds? Or is it the pokemon themselves? The answer in general or in a specific medium (like video games...
  12. J

    Tell Tale Games' Games

    For a company that focuses on narrative works, I'm finding some of their works to be neat. But when done right, they actually make those very memorable. After watching several playthroughs and playing a bit of Tales from the Borderlands, everything in the narrative and character development...
  13. J

    Notable RPG Maker Tutorials

    Ever since I had a Steam account, I never EVER expect it to help me on my Game Designing. Thus, I now have my own installment of RPG Maker 2003. Even though I'm trying it out now myself, I looked for a youtube guide on the overall controls. But the one I had is rather subpar. Do any of you know...
  14. J

    Metagame Adaptation Discussion

    After watching this video about the basics of teambuilding, it gave a question to research upon. If one intends to stay at the top of the metagame in a tier they reside, one of the important aspects is learning on how to adapt to an ever changing metagame for there is no perfect pokemon team...
  15. J

    The Smash Brothers: a competitive legacy?

    The video link on youtube After watching this 4 hour video, It gets me so impressed as to how different and unique a competitive player could be. After watching it on your time, whatius your take on this? And, is there a documentary like this for the Competitive community of Pokémon? I'm not...
  16. J

    Art of Emotion VS Pornography of Emotion (Show vs Tell?)

    Now that I'm at my college semestral break, the last lesson that I had on Philippine Literature still lingers within my mind. You see, my professor taught us about the differences of writing as an "Art of Emotion" vs a "Pornography of Emotion by letting us read and analyze two stories. One of...
  17. J

    Plants Vs Zombies

    For those that never heard of this series, Plants Vs Zombies id currently one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry. Beginning its debute in 2009, it plays like an adorable tower defense game where you defend your home from the zombie invasion by planting unique plants that Crazy Dave...
  18. J

    Resource Based Gift Economy vs Modern Monetary System

    At one time reading an Unbounded Spirit article, I come across this one article which changes my belief about the faults of humanity's current problems. What I learned is that the Monetary System MUST DIE. Or in milder terms, should end now. Why? You see, the system depends so much on money...
  19. J

    Willingness to intensify the plot

    Throughout three generations of the PMD franchise, as a video game known best for its deep plots and musical craftsmanship, are the developers, storywriters, and designers of the PMD series be willing enough to tackle and create themes that are strong, serious, and very detailed? I'm talking...
  20. J

    A son's Forbidden Love

    Summary: As a father, all I want for my son is for him to be able to trust and love someone again, be it human or pokemon. He can’t depend on me forever. I wish upon a star one night for it to happen. And happen it did. Tragically, my wish killed him in the end of all this. Have I truly wished...