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  1. Z

    Art Thread: The Third

    My other art thread also died. XD I have way more this time than last, as well... A character I draw very often as a Gardevoir. No particular reason why. His shoulders are driving me crazy. An entry for a contest. Their tails look... strange. A crossover picture of redheads. Pretty...
  2. Z

    Diabolical Ninjask?

    Okay, after doing some research, I may have finally thought of a (somewhat) decent OU team. I'm still not 100% sure of it, so please don't be too harsh. Changes will be in BOLD. The "Diabolical" Ask a' Me (Ninjask) (Male) @ Salac Berry Impish Nature (+Def, -Sp. Atk) Ability: Speed Boost...
  3. Z

    Fairly new to Spriting, but I try...

    Hello. As I said, I'm fairly new to spriting, so please don't be too harsh. Constructive criticism is still welcome, of course. For the record, I refuse to recolor/splice. I'll try to add more in the future.
  4. Z

    Shing, Shing, KABOOM! (OU)

    Okay, my last attempt at a team was, in fact, a catastrophic failure. I did a bit of research, and decided to make a new team entirely. I'm fairly new to competitive, and I know the team is not so good, so please don't be too harsh. I came here to figure out how to make it better (doy)...
  5. Z

    Several OTHER Works of Mine

    My other art thread died a long time ago. XD http://zonn13.deviantart.com/art/Colin-Got-Chills-132288595 My first attempt at lineless. Done in Photoshop. http://zonn13.deviantart.com/art/Amaya-on-Colin-s-Head-132913943 Gift for someone. Done in OpenCanvas...
  6. Z

    Several Works of Mine

    Hello. I just wanted to show you guys a few of my works. (I'm stating the obvious, now. XD) http://zonn13.deviantart.com/art/Dahliton-120389733 A hybrid of Factory Head Thorton and Arcade Star Dahlia, which has a horribly combined name. XD...
  7. Z

    Gallade-Mismagius SP Deck (Modified)

    Hello. I have a Psychic deck, based around Gallade and Mismagius that I am still trying to perfect. At the moment, it has: Ralts x 2 (SW) Ralts x 2 (PL) Kirlia x 3 (SW) Gallade x 2 (P7) Gardevoir x 1 (PL) Gardevoir Lv. X x 1 (SW) Gallade 4 x 2 (RR) Misdreavus x 2 (PL) Mismagius x...