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    My Region

    Overall Region Status: Incomplete Toku World Map: Complete PokePhone: Incomplete Fakemon: Incomplete Town Map: Incomplete Routes, Caves, etc. Maps: Incomplete Town, Characters, etc. Names: Incomplete Other: Incomplete Toku World Map: The PokePhone: Credits and Helpers: Pastel...
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    The Userbar Shop

    Shop Status: OPEN! Waiting List Status: 5 Slots Open! - - - - - The Rules 1) All SPPF Rules Apply. 2) All Fan Art Shop Sub-Forum Rules Apply. 3) You can request up to 10 userbars at a time. 4) Please be patient, you are not the only one requesting. 5) Be as specific as possible, or I will have...
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    My 1st Splice

    What do you think? Trust me, I made this. I started spriting a few days ago.