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    Dub Title Thread

    No, that's a title that encompasses both
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    Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Ash and Goh! (1125)

    Yeah, I'll come to you for all my great friendship advice. If you think Goh has all the perks, start envisioning yourself in his shoes like you're doing w/Ash. It's two fictional boys, nobody here is getting cheated like you think you've been in real life.
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    September 6th: PM2019 036 - Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Satoshi and Go!

    Can you try living with it with a few less sentences?
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    Bea, the Lone Warrior! The Grapploct Menace!! (1123)

    The same people hoping Bea will smile at the end of next time are the type of people who tell girls in public to smile
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    Who Wants to Trade Pokémon? (1122)

    Self awareness, where art thou?
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    Dub Title Thread

    You're pushing yourself as a big Paranoia Agent fanatic and you still think you can critique execution?
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    Celebi: A Timeless Promise (1121)

    Goh to a therapist plz
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    Feebas' Prism Scale! (1120)

    No this is a trio, the entire episode was about them being a trio even if Chloe did most of the Feebas work
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    Feebas' Prism Scale! (1120)

    Best to avoid a Chloe/Ash bonding episode, lest the pervs/Ash fandom decides that she's Ash's possession and that any time Goh is speaking to her that damages Ash's turf This could be the best trio since the original if people learn to appreciate how good we have it with all three members of it
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    August 30th: PM2019 035 - I Got Pikachu!!

    If you look up entitlement in the dictionary, you'll find a picture they illegally distributed of you
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    August 30th: PM2019 035 - I Got Pikachu!!

    It's the equivalent of asking "Does Ash have to battle another trainer?" or "Waaahhh where's Goh's league championship match?" Serebii really needs to implement a minimum age requirement
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    The Legend of Heroes! Leon's Ultimate Battle! (1116)

    I give this episode a 0 out of 10 because Ash stole Goh's Galarian Farfetch'd Goh had dibs on giving his Farfetch'd a new brother but now Ash has torn those ducks apart Also fine Sonia with the hearts in her hair was kind of simp worthy
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    Splash! Magikarp / Crown Yourself Slowking (1115)

    They should be on Acid every week Hopefully in Gen 9 we switch to this format full time
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    Dub Title Thread

    JN007: Serving Up The Flute Cup! JN008: A Sinnoh Iceberg Race! JNoo9: Finding a Legend! JN010: A Test in Paradise! JN011: Best Friend...Worst Nightmare! JNo12: Flash of the Titans!
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    Dub Title Thread

    JN006: Working My Way Back to Mew! Airs on June 27 on Teletoon "With Scorbunny by his side, Goh decides on a new goal—catch every kind of Pokémon!" Source: TV Passport I KEEP WORKING MY WAY BACK TO MEW BABE, WITH A BURNING LOVE INSIDE
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    Farewell, Raboot! (1111)

    YOU do have a boring outlook on life
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    Farewell, Raboot! (1111)

    Fantastic episode after last week's big miss, just the right relationship to shine on The less we see of Ash and Riolu the happier I am, Go even realized allowing the Beautifly to roam free was better 10/10 More Go when we get back please
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    Go Towards Your Dream! Ash and Go!! (1109)

    Yep, Ash even had it on the Rotomdex this time....I'm sure they have an ep planned for its return by end of 2020, they'll find a battling purpose for it when Ash has to fight another flying type opponent
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    March 29th: PM2019 019 - I Am Metamon!

    Sucks to hear that
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    December 29th: PM2019 007: The Houen Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!!

    Mr. Mime's yoga gag is probably the only reason it got featured Mime vs. Hariyama would be a weird battle Not to mention Mime would just be traveling with Go/Ash outside of a ball I really don't think it makes sense as a surprise lead-up