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    Ese's Sprite Gallery

    Edited on July 12,2009 Hello! I decided to return to this forum after a looong time. In this thread ill be uploading my newest sprite works.Hope you like them =) Constructive criticism is always welcome,of course. Btw,you might notice I rarely use black on the outline of my sprites.I do this...
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    Ese's Art Gallery

    Hey there! Long time no see. I used to have a gallery before on this forum,but due to personal stuff,I left. I hope to stay around longer this time ;munchlax; I have lots of old fanart stuff uploaded on another site.Sprites,Drawings and so on. (If you want to find my old stuff,write my...
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    Naturage Drawing!

    "Jackoman",a user from DA did a drawing of My Grass/Ghost Pokemon Naturage!! WOOT!! In Case u dont remember,this is Naturage: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/369706...me+-in%3Ascraps So,I colored it! here are the Results: Here I added the main colors: And here are my...
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    Infection Series!

    Well,Im doing a series of drawings on another forum...And I decided Ill be showing them here too! (Lets not be selfish ;) ) The series regards the Deoxys species invading Earth and Infecting every Pokemon they find on their way.Even Legendaries! So far I ve done 2 of them,and there will be a...
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    Deoxys Infects Mewtwo!!

    Yup,this drawing is based on a Mewtwo/Deoxys fusion I did a month ago: (Ill just put a link to my Deviantart page,since Imgeshack wont upload it in its original size) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43349377/
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    Lucario Vs Regigigas!

    Well,Its been a while since I posted something here... This drawing was made for a contest on another forum...had to resize,since the original is like 2000x2000 ;328; I love how the rainy effect went,though I personally think Ive should add even more rain to it,but meh! ^^
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    Fusion of Diaruga and Parukia

    Well,its been a while since I posted something around here...I wanted to show a Fusion I finished today... Since Diaruga controls Time,and Parukia Controls Space,their fusion should control All Dimensions (That includes Space and Time on them of course) As u can notice,I used Diarugas...
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    Ese´s Pokemon fan Drawings...

    Ese´s Pokemon fan Drawings... I love to draw Pokemons,especially when they re in the wild: Did them using an Optical Mouse,with MSPaint and PSP9 programs for the effects: Hope u like them :) One of my faves...So shiny!!
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    Esepibe Showroom

    Hi! Im new around! Im from Argentina,22 years old,and bla bla bla... After thinking it carefully,decided that I should register myself in one of the most popular sites regarding Pkmn. Ill use this Thread as a Showroom only,not taking requests,because I already do that in *********e...