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    Need Advice For Elite Four Team

    I'm playing Pokemon Black and I need advice for my in-game Elite Four team. I will be training all to at least Lv 46-47 or so before going into the Elites. No items yet, I am open to all suggestions though I do not have items which require trade or post game TMs (like Earthquake). Current...
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    R4 Malfunctioning-- help!

    I have had an R4 card + MicroSD card for about a year (the R4 card is a "R4 Upgrade Revolution for DS" (the site provided on the R4 card is LINK REMOVED, and the microSD card is a Sandisk one) which I have been using to play (mainly) Pokemon Platinum, and have established a complete National Dex...
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    So... I'm Miir, I'm completely new to Serebii. I started loving Pokemon back in the days of the GameBoy, but only just recently got myself a DS and the 4th gen games (unfortunately my DS died recently and I can't get a new one for around a month. =( ) Favorite Pokemon: as you can see by my...