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    Pokemon Apocalypse (Pokemon/The Walking Dead)

    Hey guys. I've been pretty into The Walking Dead recently, and thought it would be awesome to make a Pokemon/Walking Dead mix fic thingy. Now while this won't be all about the Pokemon part and a lot about the human characters/survival, I will obviously find a way to make Pokemon more relevant...
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    The Adventures of Youngster Joey (One-Shot)

    So, I've been pretty obsessed with Youngster Joey lately, and felt like doing this. Please recall this is supposed to be a comedy/adventure fic, so don't take it too seriously if some parts seems bs (especially the end battle). Also, I did this simply as a fun activity. Flashbacks are italic...
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    X/Y Scenes you would like to see

    Bringing back the scenes you would like to see thread, hoping this time it won't go ape scheisse I just thought this would be a fun thread to do, but if it's not worth it sorry mods :( What episodes would you want to see in XY? What things would you want to see in XY? What scenes would you...
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    The Truth Behind Johto

    Hey guys! I'm back with a new fan fic idea. I decided to drift away from trainer fics, as they get boring for me after a while. So I'm closing my other 2 threads, and working on this one. I've written a few chapters as well, so I hope you all like it. The first chapter is more of an...
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    Hey guys! So just gonna get right straight to it. In battles/outside of battles, I find myself saying "Smile" "Smirk" or "Grin" way too much. What other synonyms for smile should I use? I really can't think of none :S
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    What now..?

    The journey after the journey! Hello everybody! I decided to try another fic, as the other one hadn't really been motivating me lately. This one is a little different, though still a trainer fic. After a couple of chapters, there will be a new region, made up by me so I hope everyone likes it...
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    The How I Met Your Mother thread

    Hi guys! I'm not sure if this exists already, but if it does just close this. If you haven't watched season 8 or even season 7 and don't want any spoilers you should be careful here. So this is a thread to discuss and state our opinions on HIMYM!!! You can say everything, from favorite...
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    Favorite Pokemon League

    What's your favorite Pokemon League? (Orange League/Frontier Battle don't count) With the most action, best battles, anything. My favorite is the Hoenn League, because Ash only used Pokemon from there and it was really good to let his Hoenn Pokemon shine more
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    Is Ash's team strong enough for the league?

    Exactly what the title asks... His team currently consists of three first staged, four second staged, and soon three last staged Pokemon. The opening may change or get updated every now and then In my opinion Pignite and Pikachu are pretty much good, but the rest... Oshawott and Snivy...
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    Pokemon: Tyson's Journey!

    Hi guys I am gonna post my first Fan Fic :) For now I have some chapters, and there won't be a date to post new chapters, I will only post them when I finish them. I went through Spell Check on Microsoft Word and it didn't really show any errors but if you find any please tell me so I can...
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    Ash's strongest regional bird?

    So we all know Ash loves to have the regional bird. We only didn't see that in the Orange League, but apart from that Ash always had one. Now some of them didn't get much screen time such as Pidgeot, Unfezant (until now) and even Noctowl to a point, comparing to the other two, Swellow and...
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    Favorite Water Pokemon

    I saw a Grass type so I thought, why not a water type? eheh Which one of these above is your favorite of Ash's water types?
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    Best rival of Best Wishes?

    So which one do you think is better, Georgia, Burgundy, Bianca, Trip or Stephan? Not including Luke since we haven't seen him since the first tournament. I will go with Georgia, because even though she lost against Bianca, she has pretty powerful Pokemon, even defeating one pokemon in the...
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    Pokemon ages?

    So we know Pokemon get older. We know Scyther is older, and so is that guy in johto's Noctowl. What do you think the ages of Ash's Pokemon are? I would assume they're all pretty young still
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    Possible appearances

    So i thought of doing a thread where you say which characters you think might be appearing. Just like Misty appeared in Hoenn and May appeared in Sinnoh, I would like to see Dawn here. Maybe she decided to do some holidays or to train in a different region before some important contest in Hoenn...
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    Previews and images

    Well guys, i don't know about you, but I think it is easier for everyone to post the previews and images here, so other people can see it. Personally, I think it is very annoying to have to go to one thread and go look for the URL'S so, yeah I think it is easier if you just post it here :P
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    Ash's Swadloon

    What do you guys think happened to Sawdloon? I mean we know it's with Prof. Juniper but it's rarely used. Swadloon evolves by hapiness so if this continues like this it won't be too happy :/ Plus in the episodes it participated... the gym battle it won two battles (1 was won by sewaddle) and...