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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Pokémon Rebirth YO! I'm back with a new series. It's been a long time since I was doing my last series "Pokémon Supreme" here, so it's good to be back and i knew atleast a few people are still here since that time so this is ESPECIALLY dedicated to you previous Supreme fans...
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    My Life In Keidon

    Welcome To "My Life In Keidon", I really regret the name, cause I should have named it "Melanie's Life In Keidon." Questions? Read the Intro and I think everything will be clear. Reviews warmly welcomed. :D Intro 01 Intro 02 01.01 01.02 02.01 02.02 03.01 03.02 ------------...
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    Brendan On Crazy Adventures

    Hello and welcome to Brendans Crazy adventures. I'm afraid I have to say that this comic is dead. Not because lack of intrest but I've got to work on my other comics instead. Hope you'll understand. Thank you to all it's readers through it's period. Thanks and good bye. Prolog Part 01...
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    The PKMN Manga In GameBoy Advance Style!!!

    Welcome To The GameBoy Advance Form, Based On The Pocket Monster Special Manga. Author Status: Sorry to bring your hopes down, but the plane didn't crash and I'm still alive. :D I'm working on Remake Episode 5, that will be the last episode with text next to picture. Speech Bubbles coming...