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  1. Victreebong

    Do you still feel upset about Pokemon as it currently is?

    Initial release tainted it all for me. Yeah, there's more Mons, more moves, more areas, more plot, and more money spent. It all just left a bad taste. I'm hoping next Gen (jeez Gen NINE!) will have a smoother transition and GF will drop the paid DLC approach. They can release big patches, but...
  2. Victreebong

    New Forum Upgrade

    Any update on old themes? Miss my Dark Theme...
  3. Victreebong

    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread

    Not happy that Poltergeist is 90% accurate. For the first time in over 26 years, a ghost move is less than 100% accurate. Is nothing sacred anymore? Can we not have that little bit of tradition?! I didn’t ask for the move, but I’ll be damned if we’re going to penalize our conventions for a buck...
  4. Victreebong

    Why does SWSH feel so incomplete?

    That Digging Duo is a prime example of phoning it in. We had a whole underground to spelunker a decade ago, and a sizable sea to dive beneath before that. Either of those could have been managed back in, especially since Galar has mines. And you don’t have to go crazy with whole map textures to...
  5. Victreebong

    Why does SWSH feel so incomplete?

    I mean, that’s what it is. No more involved then the years of harvesting berries or clicking on beans in the Isle of Beans.
  6. Victreebong

    Why does SWSH feel so incomplete?

    I don’t think they have to say much about environmental impacts. Bleached out Corsola says it all.
  7. Victreebong

    Why does SWSH feel so incomplete?

    I got that vibe more from Gen VII than with SwSh. A lot of you guys aren’t scouring the Wild Area and grass patches for every included Pokémon, item, or den. That’s where a core component of this game is at. Now, there is a lack of sides like competitions, PokeStar Studios, Poké Olympics...
  8. Victreebong

    Things You Would Change

    There’s a sea of things that I’d like to change (as always) such as reintroducing the removed moves and trickling in old Pokémon, but one off the top of my head is: - Dusknoir I believe Dusknoir is the ghost equivalent of Flareon to Game Freak. It gets Pressure, but not Phantom Force or Spite...
  9. Victreebong

    Z-moves vs (Dyna)Max Moves

    Wynaut all three?
  10. Victreebong

    Z-moves vs (Dyna)Max Moves

    Nuts to both of those, I miss my Megas! Tell me what was so wrong with Mega Obamasnow and Glacie? How about that coveted MegaZard X? Or do you prefer burning flames GigaZard, because I was just fine with the former. Max Overgrowth does give us massive exploding bioluminescent mushrooms...
  11. Victreebong

    What is a good Pokemon to Raise for Catching?

    Just a quick nitpick, Gallade drops Synchronize when it evolves. Unless they changed something, you’ll have to use a fainted Nature setter in the lead. Shedinja is situationally a decent catcher. Game Freak just had to get rid of Parasect, Breloom, and Smeargle in the same Gen!
  12. Victreebong

    New Pokemon Speculation & Discussion Thread

    Now that we know all of the included Pokémon, I’m hoping the third cart includes new families. This one feels a little bare bones, similar to XY’s premier. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new designs, but it fells about 4-5 families short. No Ultra Beasts is also sad :(
  13. Victreebong

    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]

    People haven’t really caught on to this yet, but Shield Dust (effectively) makes you immune to flinching and freezing as long as the ability is active. All moves that cause these conditions also deal damage, yes, including Fling. And Stench works when a Pokémon attacks while dealing damage. So...
  14. Victreebong

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    Back to the Galarian Gengar topic, a Galarian Gengar/Haunter/Gastly that’s Ghost/Normal with Levitate would be epic. And a huge proponent for more Dark usage! Four immunities, Poison and Bug resistances with one weakness. Make them white with black scleras and yellow pupils, and a shiny version...
  15. Victreebong

    8th Gen Regional Variants

  16. Victreebong

    What moves would you like to see for Pokemon that wasn't able to learn in Gen 7 and below?

    I’d like to see the acid based moves deal double damage to Steel-types without even needing Corrosion. I’d also like to see Gastro Acid allow Poison moves to be super effective against Steel and Rock-types until the opponent switches them out.
  17. Victreebong

    New Moves Speculation & Discussion Thread

    Currently, there’s Mega Pinsir and the very rare Mega Altaria with the move from Gen III and V. But they both count as non-normal False Swipes. Other than that, Pancham and Pangoro with Scrappy is the best we’ve got for hitting ghosts. But I agree, a Fighting-type False Swipe would help...
  18. Victreebong

    The faults of X and Y

    I can see all of your points (that I read), but in all honesty, XY was at an unfortunate time. The 3DS was more than two years old because they had stuck to a second release for Gen V on the monstrously popular DS, and so XY came along glorious but semi half baked. The “pandering” was necessary...
  19. Victreebong

    Pokèmon that you prefer over their evolved forms?

    I have a feeling mine will be pedestrian at this point but, Dewott and Dragonair are at the top of the list. Dragonair is a fan favorite. There’s almost as many DeviantArt pieces with Dragonair as there are Dragonite ones. Dewott was where they were going with the Oshawatt line and then...
  20. Victreebong

    What’s your dream job?

    I’ve worked in retail. I’ve worked in government. I’ve worked in construction. I’ve worked in natural resources. I’ve been a lead. I’ve been a team player. I’ve been a solo act. I’ve been the corner stone. I’ve been at a dead end. My dream job is one that respects my opinion, realizes my...