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    Creepy video music from non horror video games

    Halloween is coming up in two weeks and what better way to countdown in naming the disturbing video game music from non horror video games that look lighthearted but have creepy music like Old Chateau and Lavender Town mentioned alot on here since this is a Pokemon Forum. Anyways, list your...
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    Some advice from an author

    From my past two fanfics which are on adultfanfiction.net, I have had scenes where Arceus or another of his kind resurrects a human or pokemon from the dead, reuniting the body and soul together as one while the body is restored to what it was before death. He uses the power of the Jewel of Life...
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    Animal Planer is ruined

    Anybody remember watching Animal Planet during 2001- 2008, those that the whole family could enjoy. Now animal planet is nearly adult oriented and most of them have little or nothing to do with animals. For example are the list of shows: Meerkat Manor Crocodile Hunter Jeff Corwin Experiance...
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    music suited for certain situation in pokemon movies

    I have always wondered about video game music that fits in certain situations in the pokemon movies(1-12). What video game music would best fit in these situations. example: "midna's lament" in the twelth movie when Damos was searching for one of Arceus' life plates. Discuss.
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    The quest of Arceus: journey to a new homeworld

    I would like some idwas for my future chapters in my story. It is a crossover of Legend of Zwlda and Pokemon. This is my first ever story I bave written. I will need some OCs for my characters.
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    I am Dialga's Song of Time and I am new here so be nice. I am in training at an technical college to become a Veterinary Technicin. I am a big fan of Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Harry Potter, and Warriors. My favorite pokemon is Dialga.
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    Story// The quest of Arceus: the journey to a new homeworld

    This is a summary of my story: The pokemon world is dying. Will Arceus and his fellow legends make to their new home alive. Could this place called hyrule be what their looking for. Even then new legendaries are born. Rated T for some violence and blood Prologue music: the Hero of Time...