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    Lightning Return: Final Fantasy XIII

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII At the risk of opening the floodgates, I was browsing around Screwattack and I found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ab4ZqfIjGmE Needless to say. I'm pumped. Thoroughly enjoyed XIII and XIII-2 and I'll more than likely play...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    (Looked around and saw that the old topic is gone) Well despite what some people won't stop complaining about, XIII-2 is slated to be released early next year. As for myself, I actually enjoyed the first one. It's not a perfect game, but it was an enjoyable one. The story was engaging as...
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    Obsession With Abused Fire Types?

    Okay, I'm not the only one who knows this, and it has been going on since the beginning of the series. But why do the writers always feel the need to give Ash a Fire type starter that was previously abused? I'm sure there are tons of other Pokemon available, but when he comes into possesion...
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    Favortie Team?

    Time and Time again, we get a special opportunity to see a group of good guys kick some serious bad guy butt. Whether its to save the world or rescue a friend, its always awesome to see a group of people work together. It also may give us a chance to see some insane combinations between team...
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    Daybreakers = Vampire redemption?

    After seeing previews for this, its the first vampire movie I am actually excited to see. Basically, it your classic human race has messed up story. Humans being harvested for blood cause some where along the line they messed up. And from the looks of it, it seems to be an interesting story...
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    What cards from DM/GX/5Ds would you like to have been released

    Pretty self-explanitory. Most of the time in the anime I wish that some cards should have been released to help some archtypes. Most of Yugi's cards were situational but they were overall pretty good. Jaden's Heroes were severly crippled due to nerfed effects and cards not being released to...
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    The King of Top Decking

    You all know him as the guy who top decks like crazy. I call him one of the best duelists ever. Its Judai Yuki. After finishing the 4th season, I decided to make Judai's deck. Or at least use the good parts of it. Keep in mind. This isn't for competitive play. Just for fun, maybe even tourneys...
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    Soul Eater

    Haven't seen a Soul Eater thread in Anime or Manga.If you find one, this one can be closed I for one love this series. Epic fights, crazy characters, overall awesomeness makes this one of my top tiers. I'll admit the manga is better but I sometimes watch the anime when I can. With Kid's...
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    I'm back.....or watever

    Not that anybody cares, I have decided to come here for a triumphant return.I actually want to make some friends here, so ok.
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    Not really a newb

    well i'm not really a newb.its just that i've been here a while and it seems no one knows who i am.just lookin for friends here
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    Rate my team

    I don't care who rates it just let me know what you think of them.Also I don't calculate Ev so don't look for any.and i don't care about my pokemon's nature Pikachu Lv 83 Nature:Modest Moves Thunder Iron Tail Volt Tackle Thunderbolt Sceptile Lv 64 Nature:Lonely Moves Bullet...