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    AMV Thread

    (A)nime (M)usic (V)ideos. I love’em. Ever since wandering over towards the AMV contest at Fanime ’07, I’ve been hooked. I’ve discovered new anime series to watch through them, I’ve discovered new music through them, and even made a couple friends through’em. I've tried making some myself, but...
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    devilmonkey's Breeding Sanctuary

    ============5IV/Egg Move Pokémon============ [/spoiler] ============Battle-Ready Pokémon============ ===================== Shinys ===================== ============= Events & Legendaries ============= =======*Non-Event/Event Touched*======= *Request further information on...
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    Grading Gardevior

    Just because my friends and myself were interested in public opinion, on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being bad 10 being incredible, how would you rate a Gardevior? Just a normal, non ev trained/egg move learning Gardevior?