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  1. NPC

    Lost Legacy: A Fantasy RPG

    This is a re-tooling of an RPG idea I had here a couple years ago. Unlike other forum RPGs, Lost Legacy will have a structure more akin to tabletop role-playing games. The players will sign up as characters going on an adventure, but their actions and choices will determine the course of the...
  2. NPC

    The Endless World: A Fantasy RPG

    LSUs Still Accepted: You may still sign up for this RPG, but your character won't be able to start playing immediately; you'll need to wait to be introduced at a later point. The Premise The Endless World is modelled after fantasy JRPGs and the like, and while there is an overarching plot and...
  3. NPC

    Blue Sky Saga: sign-ups

    While browsing the RPG sub-forum, I figured that making a more open-ended and free-form RPG than the usual would be interesting (and fun). BLUE SKY SAGA Plot Nimbur is a beautiful and bountiful nation to the south of the Silver Continent. Its coastline meets a shimmering sea along the...
  4. NPC

    The City of Dust

    Sign-up thread Café thread THE CITY OF DUST. WAR NEVER CHANGES. IT JUST GETS DUMBER AND DUMBER. *** There was something extremely Comiket about taking the subway. It was probably because of all the fat businessmen brushing against you awkwardly in their search for space; the whole...
  5. NPC

    Project Trico: Team Ico Reveals New Game?

    PlayStationLifeStyle.net recently revealed a series of screenshots and a video that is purportedly of Team Ico's new PS3 IP, for now known as "Project Trico". (Tri + Ico, indicating that it's the third game of the Horned Child saga.) The video seems very early in terms of graphics, and shows...
  6. NPC

    The City of Dust: Corner Café

    The City of Dust: Corner Café [Approved by RaZoR LeAf] This is the discussion thread for The City of Dust, which should be starting soon-ish. Any questions, comments, or general musings go here. If you'd like to know more about an aspect of the RPG's world, ask and I'll be glad to tell you...
  7. NPC

    The City of Dust

    The City of Dust (Sign-Ups Now Closed) WARNING: Bound to contain strong language and... uh... comical levels of violence and mischief. References to drugs, innuendo, and other touchy things are likely to run rampant as well. SIGN-UPS CURRENTLY CLOSED. 'Break through the barriers of...
  8. NPC

    Persona . A God Without a Name

    Link to the Discussion Thread Link to the Sign-Up thread. ((OOC: And so it begins. I'd like to state some ground rules before anything else: 1 -- All general SPPf rules apply. 2 -- Bunnying is unallowed. I may have to, in some cases, make your character fall unconscious or...
  9. NPC

    PERSONA / A God Without a Name / Commu Thread

    [Approved by Psychic] This thread is for discussion of the upcoming RPG, "Persona: A God Without a Name". Sign-ups are still open (one spot left un-reserved) in the Sign-Up forum. The RPG is scheduled to begin as soon as everything is set up; that is, a day or two after everyone signs up and is...
  10. NPC

    Persona: A God Without a Name

    Persona: A God Without a Name (TWO spots left) WARNING: This'll have strong language, considerable violence, and sexual themes, including the possibility of sex between characters. That's all. I like to include warnings, all professional-like. "Persona: A God Without a Name" is an RPG based...
  11. NPC

    > Hello.

    I'm NPC. I figured I'd stop by and say hi, to make it slightly less strange when I jump into the RPG forum head-first. I've been looking for a decently-sized RPG community willing to try new things, and SPPf seemed like the place for it, so here I am. I'm currently a Law student... no, I...