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  1. K

    Rename the Member Above You

    RENAME THE MEMBER ABOVE YOU ================================================== HOW TO PLAY: -The title is pretty self-explanatory. See who the last poster in the thread was, then give them a new username that you think would suit them well. This may be derived from their avatar, current...
  2. K

    Eternal Diversity Revelations

    We are sorry, but EDR has closed. It was a great run everybody, thanks for the support. ~Keldeo 647 ~*IZ* ~zac4564 About Us Table of Contents Easily find what you're looking for! News and Events See what's happening at EDR.* *Please know that once...
  3. K

    Keldeo 647's eShop~ Events, Shinies, & DW Pokémon for trade!

    Keldeo 647's eShop~ Events, Shinies, & DW Pokémon for trade! v2.1 Welcome :), and thank you for visiting my new and improved eShop. I have completely re-modeled my trade shop to benifit you and me! Shop Status: ==================== My shop is part of the SPPf United Trade...
  4. K

    Raging Swarm Deck, Rate Please!

    This is my first deck I'm building from scratch, so... ya. This deck is Modified format. Pretty much running Yanmega Prime & Ursaring Prime w/ some other basic Pokémon to back 'em. The reason I chose 2 Pokémon SP's as back up is because they're some of the only good basic Pokémon that don't...
  5. K

    Hand-drawn Keldeo!

    Well, this is probalbly the first hand drawn peice of pokemon artwork I've put a lot of effort into. I made things like the eyes & head larger on purpose. Tell me what you think! Thanks!
  6. K

    Hello SPP!!!

    Hello!!! I've been using serebii.net for a few years now, so I decided to join the Forums. As you can tell from my username, my favorite Pokemon is... not keldeo. It's Psyduck, actually. :/ Well, thanks for welcoming me! I hope I can be a great addition to the SPP Forums.