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    Hello again. <3

    Hello everyone, I really don't think many people will remember me since I haven't posted in awhile, but I thought I'd make a returning thread. My name's Rubi aka Hollyn. I'm 19 years old and I've been a hardcore Pokemon fan ever since I was 7 years old. I had been interested in it since I was 6...
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    Japanese PS2 Help

    I'm interested in importing a Japanese PS2 but I'm still unsure if I want to or not. I really have no interest in playing American PS2 games, just Japanese ones. (I don't care what the color of the PS2 is either.) So I figured I'd just import a Japanese PS2, also this will help my need of...
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    The New D/P Importing Thread

    Welcome to the New D/P Importing Thread! I made this due to that the old thread died. Hopefully this is ok. If not, please close this. Feel free to ask questions about importing, chat about importing D/P, etc. (Look at the old thread to see what I mean.) Just remember not to go off-topic...
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    I am in a state of shock...

    Ok, about 15 minutes ago I was playing my Japanese Emerald and I was at the New Mauville right? (I think that's what it's called... it's that place filled of wild electric Pokemon and you have to help out Wattson by shutting off that stupid machine.) Well I was walking around catching, battling...
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    MSN Microsoft Messenger Problem.

    Alright, I've always wanted MSN since a lot of my friends have it. I have AIM and YIM but I really want MSN. So you figure, why don't you just go download it? Well that's the problem, I downloaded the latest version of Microsoft Messenger for Mac OS X and it doesn't work. Whenever I try to sign...
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    Name Rater's House

    Right when I need the D/P help thread it disapears and I can't find it! I'm so sorry for making another thread... I've been looking for over a half hour for the D/P help thread and it's no where to be found! I have a question I need to know before tomorrow morning! Where's the Name Rater's...
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    Do Japanese CDs and DVDs work on American CD players and DVD players?

    Sorry if someone asked this already, but do they work? I was wanting to import some CDs from Japan and some of them have a DVD bonus thing. XD So that's why I'm asking if both of them work.
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    Will you be able to choose between a female or male this time?

    Sorry if there is a thread made like this already. But I resently saw a trailer for Pokemon Battle Revolution and saw not the D/P trainers but someone else. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a312/sangokilala/PokemonBattleRevolutionGirl0.jpg I know it could be just a trainer your battling...
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    How do you get Ho-Oh on Crystal?

    Serebii isn't working too well on my computer right now so I had to ask in the forums. I pulled out my Crystal version, and I never figured out how to get Ho-Oh. I got Lugia... and I know you can get Ho-Oh in Crystal... I just don't know where... XD (I sound pretty stupid for asking this... >_> )
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    /~/The Fire Emblem Club/~/

    http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a312/sangokilala/fireemblemlogo.jpg (~ Title Banner by: Spirit Rubi ~) :. Club Approved By .: PsiUmbreon :. Rules .: :. 1 .: Follow the SPPf rules at ALL TIMES and exactly READ THEM. :. 2 .: This Club is open to ANY Fire Emblem lovers. Although, this...
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    -The Seto Kaiba Club!-

    http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/Yrivas04/TitleBanner.jpg (Title Banner by: Usagi) Approved by: PsiUmbreon Please, READ THE RULES before joining. Rules: 1. Follow the Serebii Forum rules at all times. 2. Talk about Seto Kaiba or anything that has to do with him. Like, shippings, his...
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    Mime Jr.? O_o

    At JAA at MoA the had Manene Poke Dolls... one of the staff members went up to another who was greeting/watching the line for the Pokemon Center and said to her to hold up Manene and introduce Manene to people who didn't know about this new Pokemon. Well, turn out I found out the English name...
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    Does anyone know what PKRS means and how to get rid of it?

    I thought my Pokemon was going to die. >.> Ok, my friend who had Emerald traded me a Pokemon who had a thing called PKRS. I left the Pokemon in my party and went out battling. Sooner or later my other Pokemon started geting it! I freaked out so I just shut off my game and my game was saved after...
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    For people who went/are going to one of the Journey Across America events...

    What did/going to dress up as? (Like what Pokemon character) I'm going to dress up as Pokemon Ranger Hinata. (Ok, I'm going to try my best to look like her with the stuff I already own so my outfit won't be like all the same but mostly, some stuff might be in different colors... XD ) I was going...