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  1. IrieFuse

    LF: Non-English 5IV 0IVspeed ditto (Rare shiny FT)

    Need a non-english 5IV 0IV speed eevee to breed for a competitive trick room team. FT: 4IV 0IV speed shiny GMax Hatterene
  2. IrieFuse

    Is Ash's league regression because of his vow renewal at the end of DP?

    At the end of the Diamond and Pearl saga, we saw ash Brock and dawn contemplating what their futures would be like. I believe this took place in DP 191. And in this episode, Brock decided to pursue becoming a doctor, Dawn decided to stay in Sinnoh, and Ash renewed his vow to become Pokemon...
  3. IrieFuse

    My art, From oekakis and GIMP2.

    hey guys, i have been completely inactive at this forum but i recently started getting into art again and decided to make an art thread since i have quite a few pieces from oekakis and GIMP that i don't want to lose :/ i'm completely open to criticism and comments and i'm also making a poll...
  4. IrieFuse

    The wonders of MS Paint

    I drew may's head on MS paint and edited it a little on ******* to get the attention off of the glittery menace that is JPG!! I bearly found out how to change it to png and its not as simple as my old computer... Well here is the link to may. And that's not all. I also drew a gliscor on MS...
  5. IrieFuse

    My sprited platinum Sugi art pliplup

    IT UNFORTUNATELY GOT ALL RAINBOW DOTTY EVEN THOUGH I SAVED IT AS PNG but either way i'm proud of it since i haven't sprited in like a year or so.... so here it is: Comments n Critz... plz...
  6. IrieFuse

    Shiny Sinnoh Sugi Art

    Yep, I am making this thread because I got GIMP and I recently learned how to make sugi art shiny. I have a only have three, (one will get redone because of flaws). Here are three that I have: Abomasnow (Will Get Redone eventually) Gliscor (Also Looking for one, For Details, Check My Sig)...
  7. IrieFuse

    What's up with the dates?

    Why is The gifted roserade legend going to air in autumn if "Cooking Up a Sweet Story" Is going to air On Monday?
  8. IrieFuse

    Where can I find these 2 items??

    I've searched pretty hard in the underground for the Items Razor Claw And Razor Fang. But I've had no luck. I just beat Volkner 2 days ago And I need to evolve my sneasel to make it stronger. Can someone please help me and tell me where to find them Please? Thanks.. It's not Serebii's fault for...
  9. IrieFuse

    Pokétch Pronounciation??

    Pokétch Pronounciation?? How do you pronounce Pokétch? I don't know how to pronunce it.. Some time's I call it "Pokeech" or "Pokech" And sometimes "Pokee-itch"... Yah.. Call me weird.. It's confusing.. I always had trouble pronouncing it. :( Thanks to anyone that helps. Weavile
  10. IrieFuse

    Buuburn's claws??

    Thank the people that can answer my question. It's been bugging me for a while and I just wanted to know. :D
  11. IrieFuse

    Masago town's US name.

    I just saw the electivire episode and Prof. Oak mentioned Masago town. He told ash to go to masago town to meet Proffesor Rowan and get his new clothes.. Masago town's US name is..... SandGem Town.
  12. IrieFuse

    The Super Sexy SHADED Art!

    BEWARE! CONTAINS SPIOLERS! DO NOT LOOK AT IMAGE IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE SPIOLED! Here is something I drew a Couple of hours ago.. Plz Rate mah art and Feel free to request a pokemon for me to draw.. :D:) EDIT: I drew Something else here. Please Rate! :D
  13. IrieFuse

    Pokemon DP anime to air MARCH 10!

    It's the week straight after "Home is Where the Start is!" Look at the 4th post Here!!!
  14. IrieFuse

    (-_.::Ipod Shop::._-)

    Hello! Whazzup! I'm Weavile and this is obviously my Ipod shop. All you need to do is tell me what color of Ipod you want your pokemon to hear and what color of background to go behind your pokemon! Here is an example:Here are the Ipods and their colors: Sorry that the pictures look like...
  15. IrieFuse

    [Closed Due to Spoilers]

    If you know and you are going to post, Put it in spoiler tags. In the episode combusken evolved, combusken knew Mega kick, overheat, fire spin, and sky uppercut. It recently learned the 2 new moves Overheat and megakick. And after it evolved, I saw blaziken use sky uppercut, flamethrower/fire...
  16. IrieFuse


    How do I put a custom avatar as my avatar? Sorry, I'm not new. I just wanted to know 'cause I still don't. I want to put one on from the ones Serebii posted thid morning..
  17. IrieFuse

    My art/pic I dre in paint

    Opinions Please. http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k117/weavile606/eteboss.jpg http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k117/weavile606/pochama2.jpg
  18. IrieFuse

    Pearl demo pics!

    http://shinou.com/showthread.php?t=295 Discuss. I love these pics. Yes. Different forums. No. It does not matter.
  19. IrieFuse

    Will D/P be delayed?

    I don't think there's enough information about 2 games for them to be released exactly in one week. ( Thread started 9/21/06 )
  20. IrieFuse

    Battle Frontier English Theme

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hBHQqude7k&mode=related&search= Discuss how much you like the battle frontier english song/theme.