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    Yet another website/ game developer advice

    Finally got myself a site! http://people.virginia.edu/~rjb3vp/ Constructive criticism welcome! I only know some Java - most of the site is just my java applications online. What other language should I learn for web - based game developing?
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    Interview with 'Gonjoco'

    Comments? Thoughts?
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    Masuda Method Everstone Trick

    I have always thought that the everstone trick for passing natures down when breeding did not work with masuda method - i.e., when two pokemon or different nationalities (game-wise( are bred togethor, the everstone does not make a difference. I have read this in multiple places. Others...
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    Recent Trouble with WIFI?

    If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move.. I have noticed that a lot of people's wifi connections are bad this afternoon - I already know of three people. Is this just a U.S. problem? Please post your problems here if they seem the same, I wanna figure out what is happening.....
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    Battle Point machine (BT RMT)

    Yay for the battle tower. This is a BT team that I am considering making for Diamond, not Platinum. This team is made to get me battle points as fast as possible, not to go on the longest streak possible. A similar team I had could reliably go through 1st round Palmer, which is what this team...
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    Pokemon is EVIL!!!!

    No, I don't think that Pokemon is evil. I'm just curious; what would people here say to defend Pokemon from that kind of an accusation?
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    Ditto Passing Egg Moves?

    I found out a way to teach Ditto any move - permanently, without hacking. Does anyone know if there is a way for it to pass these moves on as egg moves?