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    Where are you from?

    I hail from the river valley of Kings upon the western bay of Alba Nuadh.
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    What do you think of smoking?

    Cigarettes really bother me, but I'm fine with people smoking a pipe. I don't smoke myself, but certainly wont be voiding myself of a congratulatory cigar or pipe in my days.
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    Second Language

    English and Englisc. With my skills in Englisc, I am also able to speak Rohirric. (Mid minum searum on Englisc, Ic beo eallswa mihtig æt Rohirrices agenspræce.)
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    PalletShipping Discussion Thread

    Do you hope to see Gary in the audience at the Sinnoh League, cheering for Ash? Nah. I don't support this, but I understand that it's fairly possible. I don't much care for Gary and Ash getting well together in most scenarios, as they've been doing lately *shudders*; but rather I prefer the...
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    The 2009 Holiday Wish List

    A statue of Wóden An anvil A grammophone
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    Fav. Memes?

    Ẓ̧͚̪̹͍̄̅ͤA̪͎͓̲̣͗́L̪̜͇̱̤͈͎͐̋͗ͪ͑G̿̃ͮ͊͐ͩ̅͏̰̗̮̩̳O̪̻̙͍̺!̨̮̲̻̟̖̄ͣͣͩ ̤͚̭̠͈ͥ H͖̤̲̝̯̏͗Ḙ͔́ ͔̰̖̉͐͒̉ͭ̊Cͭ̒̈́͛O̧ͭͧ́̑̽̌M̹̲̝̝͈̓̊̇̐̿E͏̝S̭͈͒͂!̸̜͎̳̜ͭͪ̑ͭͭ̚ ̣̭͕̈́̾ͭ̋ ̯͙̥̮̘͒ͯ͊̾̓ͧ̾http://insertcreativity.com/x/src/125477192591.gif
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    Which shampoo and conditioner do you use?

    I don't shampoo in the first place. My hair's short enough to just use soap, or nothing at all.
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    In the big picture of things, life is only valued important and given purpose by itself, and serves no real purpose outside of progressing itself. Of course, this doesn't mean we should stop living life to the fullest. While some people may perceive it as more rewarding the other way (although...
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    How does nothing not make sense? When you die, you're dead; and souls are illogical, especially in terms of a full-bodied soul, so what else is there?
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    I wouldn't worry about it until you're dead. Chances are, with any luck, nothing will happen and you can finally get some peace and quiet. People who think that it's scary, think about this. You weren't alive for what was basically an eternity before you were born, ie/ you were dead before you...
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    Where did your pokemon journey begin?

    From New Bark Town, I hail. Not including games that I had borrowed prior.
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    Languages? Lingvoj?

    I've been studying Old English as my second language for a bit over a year now. I'm pretty good at it. Ic bēo leornende Eald Englisc swā mīne ōðer āgenspræce for medummicelum ofer ān gere, ond ic eom gōd mid hit.
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    Is there REALLY a way to end warfare forever?

    I was drawing attention to the fact that no matter how many wars we go through, large or small, we will never cease to fight them. I wasn't asking how it would get to that point.
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    Is there REALLY a way to end warfare forever?

    Surely a war large enough to annihilate at least half of the planet should keep the relative peace for a few years afterwards.
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    Post a Lie About the Above Poster 2

    Is not not not not not not not not not not not not telling a lie.
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    Post a Lie About the Above Poster 2

    Is sprinting whilst originally reading this.
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    6/10 The font on the image and text below are both a tad difficult to decipher.
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    Rate The Signature Above You

    8/10 On my monitor it looks as though the top line is the lighter of the two, but it's probably just mine. You could always write "Espeon is Awesome" in several different languages, to confuse people.
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    Passing Out

    I passed out in a Catholic church during a prayer, when my scout troop was visiting a few of the local religious centres. I basically blacked out and flopped to the bench, and wasn't conscious for the reactions, but apparently it was frowned upon.